Monday, January 9, 2012

We are back!!

Hi! I think this is the longest I've ever gone without blogging!! But it is for a good reason: I got a new computer!!! We went down to Brookfield the Friday before Christmas and stayed all the way until one week ago (the 2nd of Jan!) After we got home I received my new lap top in the mail & have been putzing with it ever since. I have been trying to get wifi to go through the whole house (the antennae is in the basement so the signal doesn't quite reach my room.) I'm also a little confused with the photo software (or lack thereof) on this laptop so this week the pictures are somewhat unedited.

Wow. We did have a wonderful holiday though! We did SO much! Patrick had the whole week off and we cruised around Milwaukee like we were tourists! We iceskated downtown (Cy's first time ever skating!) We went to some fun restaurants (Organ Piper Pizza, anyone!?) Patrick and I each got massages!! We filled my van with family - uncle mike, grandma lynn, fishpa & all of us and went to church on Christmas Eve, went to Uncle jim's party on Christmas day night and went on a special holiday lights display that you drive through. Patrick went to a Bucks game AND a marquette game! My friend Pam came down from Madison with her two boys just to see us & spent the morning having our kids play! We went to an AWESOME new years eve party that was at a friend's house. Tons of kids running around. They have a baby that was born on the EXACT same day as Arlo & a little three year old cutie named Siena.

Overall it was the best of the best. A great week. And home & get our life in gear! This past week I have totally cleaned out our basement, re-arranged some major furniture and just ordered a new chair for the new gap that my rearrangement created. If you haven't ever been, I highly recommend for shopping for home items. Cheap! AND best of all after a week of "rest" I decided our family needed a schedule. I wrote down sleep & eat times for the two boys. Sticking to this schedule the past week has made life sooo much easier! Patrick made fun of me at first but I see him checking the schedule now too. Cy gets up at 7:30am, even if we have to wake him & has "chores" to do before he can eat breakfast & watch his favorite cartoon - Curious George. He has to get dressed, brushed his teeth, feed Jackson and straighten his room. He is thriving off this. You can tell he feels like a "big boy" with his duties. And Arlo, sweet sweet little "googly bear" has been thriving too. He STILL has a stuffy nose but he is sleeping so much better! Last night he slept from 9pm til 6am with NO wakings!! And he is down for his short morning nap now. I think the biggest factor is getting him to sleep longer is the fact that he has started solids. He LOVES to eat like his big brother! He gobbles up the food as fast as we can give it to him. And we make sure to give him the richest, most dense food at dinner time (which is now promptly at 6pm) He eats something with a grain at that time. Like bananas or sweet potatoes with rice or oats. It seems to really be helping!!

 Christmas Eve
 Christmas morning. Photo by Cy
 The awesome jumpee that Santa gave Cy
 On our way to Christmas party at jim's. Like my new sweater? Got it from Patrick for xmas!
 Grandma Sharon entertaining Cy & Henry
 The zoo!
 Organ Piper Pizza
 Pam's visit
 First time on skates. Red Arrow Park downtown Milwaukee

 Arlo & I watched the skating from the sidelines
 Cy on my old horse that my Grandpa Rich gave me
 Cozy moments

 Back home! Arlo in his new jumpee

One of two pictures that Santa gave Cy. First he came here, our living room, to deliver Cy's gifts but discovered we were not here so he went on to Brookfield instead!

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Jennifer said...

Glad to have you back!! We have missed you guys.

You know who has the best photo editing software? Picassa. You can edit in Picknic or some name like that. Anyway, it's super easy and all your blog photos are there anyway. That's how we put that star over Finn's ding-a-ling, it took 2 seconds literally. Fun fun software!