Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A great October so far!!

hiya! We have been having a fun packed, great October! It still just feels so liberating to be concern-free when it comes to physical activities! My parents were up two weekends ago for Mike's birthday. We went on  lots of walks & enjoyed the weather... I also took advantage of their visit & did a slew of party prep while they were here. It's an amazing feeling to go to a store alone! It seems so easy. During naptime one day I ran to Sam's Club & I bought a ton of soda, chip, etc for our party. As I was unloading a 32-pack of Coke to put into my car, the plastic ripped and the whole thing fell to the ground. A bunch of cans busted & sent soda spraying everywhere. It was a huge sticky mess. And you know what? I just smiled. I chased after some dented, rolling cans. I sopped up some of the mess with an old dog towel... A woman came over & asked if she could help. "No need but thanks" I said with a smile. Instead I thought about how easy this silly little mess was because I was ALONE. :)
Anyways, our "Stop By and Say hi to Cy and Meet Arlo" party was a success. Cy had a BLAST. He was a gracious little host sharing all his toys with the slew of kids. All the guests wanted to hold & feed Arlo (especially Grandma Nan) so I had mostly free hands. And, believe it or not, I just enjoyed myself and took ZERO pics. Crazy, right? For me anyways.
Oh, the major hit of the party was the "Haunted Guest Room" that Cy, Grandma Lynn and I had created downstairs. It was legitimately scary. We went crazy. There were spiders everywhere, bloody hands on the window, a super scary ghost lady who moans and shakes, a body in the bed, snakes, ghosts and a haunted candy dish.
It was great. I said to Patrick that we'll have to do it again in another three years! Because man oh man is it a lot of work!   
I think Grandma Nan took some party pics... so maybe we'll have those up soon too. We are now looking foward to a Girls Night Out (Jill), golf for Patrick, weekly mom-and-baby yoga, an overnight camping adventure, a costumed Halloween 5k and some other fun stuff this month! We are a go go go and it feels great great great!

 Love Cy in this pic with my parents!

Getting flowers and pumpkins for our party

 Out to dinner with the family

 One of our many walks

 Celebrating Uncle Mike's birthday!

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