Monday, October 24, 2011

beware: super pic heavy post today

Today was picture day at school. I decided to snap a couple of pics when we got home... since Cy was in his finest attire!

So this weekend we went camping!! Well, Arlo & I stayed all day but left at about 9pm and Patrick and Cy spent the night in the tent. It was AWESOME! We were invited by Cy's friend Marin & her dad to join a big group of people at an event called Baker's Boo. It took place out west a bit at Baker's Park on Lake Independence (coincidentally my dad's favorite fishing lake when he comes up here.) The park system put on an awesome kid-friendly event. During the day there were all sorts of games, pumpkin carving, etc. Then everyone went back to their campsites for dinner. After dinner the kids all put on costumes and had a parade! After the parade they all trick or treated. This is not a small campground and they alll hauled in a ton of candy!! And finally there was a magic show to top off the night. Arlo & I left after the magic show. It got down into the forties but Cy and Patrick were toasty warm in their puffy sleeping bags and coats. Cy crashed hard after all the activities and slept straight until 7:30am.

 Cy getting ready for the parade. Our decorated tent behind him. Can you see the huge spider!?

 Elmo & two princesses

 Trick or treating

 Making hot dogs with Soren

Arlo crashed out hard when we got home & mommy got a good night's sleep too!

This pic is from last Friday. Cy & his bestie Campbell had a picnic lunch at a park & ran & ran & ran 

Cy told me that morning that he LOVES Campbell... Awwww 

The End

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Jennifer said...

OMG! That camping trip sounds like so much fun. I want to go. What a great family opportunity.
Cy's outfit for picture day is so adorable. Love the vest. It will look so awesome on Finn next year.
That pic of Arlo in the bear suit, the first one, is my fav of him yet. What a cutie. I love that he looks nothing like Cy. He's his own little man.
Great post.