Monday, October 17, 2011

Enjoying friends, leaves and pumpkins

 There are a few pre-party pics I took of the house all set-up.
 The weather called for a chance of showers so we had all the food/drinks in the garage.
 Arlo was a little angel during the prep & loved sitting outside watching the leaves blow around. Maybe I'll someday add some party pics too!

 On Friday night this weekend I went out to a sushi dinner with a bunch of girlfriends! Patrick, Cy and Arlo went out to Victoria and stayed overnight with the Emmer's. Patrick golfed the next morning and then they all came home. I had so much fun but I missed my boys!

 On Sunday we tackled the leaves in the backyard. Patrick filled 14 large paper yard bags (as required by our city) in leaves just from the backyard alone! Arlo & I came out back to check on them and I found them both laying in the pile! 

 Then we were on to carving pumpkins!

Let's just say we all slept really well last night!

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