Tuesday, September 20, 2011

school, finding that ole glorious high I've missed & backyard fun

hey. did anyone else think it was funny that last time I wrote I was just going to do a "quick post" and then ended up writing a book?!

Arlo is suddenly fascinated by the mobile over his changing table. It reminds us so much of Cy!

And he is finally cracking a smile!! It was his anniversary gift to us last weekend and he has continued to do it more and more. Cy always gets a smile.

Cy had his first day of school yesterday!! He started preschool. He goes twice a week for a couple of hours. He loved it. Art, stories, books, science and a playground - all his favorite things! (He dressed himself by the way in his favorite orange athletic pants.)

Showing up at the first day. He has 11 kids in his little class. It's at the same church where we took Kindermusik so he's very familiar with it...

While Cy was in school, I took Arlo Calhoun on his first speed walk around Lake Calhoun. It's been 7+ weeks since Arlo was born so I have gotten the green light to return to all activities!! Ah glorious runner's high, how I've missed you so! It was a crisp fall day. I had my headphones on with my old running mix. Arlo was an angel. It felt so good! It's pretty much been over a year since I've been allowed to exercise!

The skyline looked so cool shrouded in morning fog.

After school Cy let loose in the backyard while Arlo napped.

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