Tuesday, September 6, 2011

one asleep and one watching sesame street

got the dishwasher running, the laundry going, most of our bags unpacked... and two quiet boys... time to post some pics!
We went back up to Crooked Lake for the Labor Day weekend. We tried to catch one last weekend of Summer... My parents weren't up there but my Uncle Jim, Aunt Carol, "cousins" Jeff, Sarah, Jake, Joe and my brother Mike and his friend Lindsay were all there. We had scatterbrained weather - hot and sweaty one minute then a cold breeze and rain the next. We managed to have a fair amount of outside time -- and even got to do some swimming.

Arlo did a "car seat tour" of Crooked Lake. Here he is beachside in his car seat in a tent.

Once again in his car seat. This time he's at the Pines getting a fish fry.

His brother played video games with the handsome twins Jacob and Joseph

Fireman's breakfast!

Sweet Lil Rascal

Jackson got some swim time too!

Self photo of me and my boys

It was a bit chilly out so we put warm water in the pool and kept the pool on the driveway to keep it warm.

Fresh air made for a lot of good naps.

Cy in his fall clothes and coonskin cap

We took A LOT of pics since it was Arlo's first time up at Crooked Lake!

Cy playing with the same barrel of monkies we all played with.

He loved it just as much as we did!

Great Uncle Jim

Obligatory family shot. Jackson is in this pic - even though he's hard to see!

Back in the car seat one last time- ready for the long ride home.

Next weekend Patrick & I celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary! This year we are going to do it with kids....

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