Tuesday, September 27, 2011

making me laugh

Here are some things that have been makin' me laugh lately:

Putting roller skates on Cy & telling him to "have at it"

 The silly signs Cy had me write for him

 Arlo's funky hair

 Mr Cool hanging out at Lake Calhoun

 And, of course, our first smiles!!
 This one came complete with white milky tongue

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

school, finding that ole glorious high I've missed & backyard fun

hey. did anyone else think it was funny that last time I wrote I was just going to do a "quick post" and then ended up writing a book?!

Arlo is suddenly fascinated by the mobile over his changing table. It reminds us so much of Cy!

And he is finally cracking a smile!! It was his anniversary gift to us last weekend and he has continued to do it more and more. Cy always gets a smile.

Cy had his first day of school yesterday!! He started preschool. He goes twice a week for a couple of hours. He loved it. Art, stories, books, science and a playground - all his favorite things! (He dressed himself by the way in his favorite orange athletic pants.)

Showing up at the first day. He has 11 kids in his little class. It's at the same church where we took Kindermusik so he's very familiar with it...

While Cy was in school, I took Arlo Calhoun on his first speed walk around Lake Calhoun. It's been 7+ weeks since Arlo was born so I have gotten the green light to return to all activities!! Ah glorious runner's high, how I've missed you so! It was a crisp fall day. I had my headphones on with my old running mix. Arlo was an angel. It felt so good! It's pretty much been over a year since I've been allowed to exercise!

The skyline looked so cool shrouded in morning fog.

After school Cy let loose in the backyard while Arlo napped.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

speed post

Speed posting today. I have two boys asleep right now and have a lot to catch up on during these few moments -- hopefully including a little cat nap for myself...
Everything is going well. Arlo continues to be a good sleeper for the most part but that's not to say we aren't deliriously tired around here. He snorts and farts all night long and needs a lot of comforting through the night. Like a hand on his chest or a paci put in his mouth. I think he may be going through his first "growth spurt." They say that occurs around 6 weeks which is exactly how old he is now. He kept us up one night, eating every two hours. Oy vey.
Sidenote: I have the best idea for some new inventions... 1) a pacifier with a muzzle-like strap that keeps it (gently!) placed in the baby's mouth and 2) a warm hand that you can place on their chest. Like maybe take a mannequin's hand with a heating pad inside it. I've woken up many a night in the strangest positions with one hand still in the bassinet either on his chest or with a finger in the paci. It's funny how you will sleep in any position (sometimes in my clothes) when you are exhausted!
Anyhow, last weekend was our 6 year anniversary and we celebrated it with a quick weekend away - with kids. We decided that we will take a little romantic weekend away this winter but it is too early to do that right now with breastfeeding and night-wakings and everything. So, we made it a kid-friendly weekend and headed down to Shakopee, MN for Saturday and Sunday. We woke up early on Sat and dropped Jackson off at his "doggie hotel" and then continued down to Shakopee (only 30 mins from our house.) That's right. We had a weekend get-away in Shakopee. My friend Nora called it our white-trash weekend get-away. Anyway. There was a Renaissance Festival going on there that Patrick and I had been to before with Cy and thought he'd love it again.
Well, we got there early but didn't seem to beat the heat or the crowds. So, it was hot and crowded. And super dusty. In fact, I'd say it was just about miserable. We were even too hot to eat. Proof: Patrick (who skipped breakfast!) didn't even bother to eat his beloved turkey leg this year. It takes a lot for him not to eat that! But we made the most of it & took Cy on a few rides and then quickly headed back to the air-conditioned oasis of our new van. Our legs & feet were coated with dust except the little white stripes from where our sandals had been. Our boogers were black. And Arlo looked like he had been through a washing machine. Soaking wet with sweat. I remember thinking "worst anniversary ever! never doing this again."
Luckily we had reservations at a nearby hotel with a refreshing indoor pool and waterslide. We scampered up to our room, threw on our swimclothes and headed to the pool. The mood quickly changed and the weekend turned out to be all that we could ask for. A great little (white trash) weekend get-away with kids....
(Lesson learned: check weather before going next year!)

Watching the flame-throwers

I know you can't see much but I think it is getting quite comical that we have a "Where in the world is Arlo and his carseat" thing going on... everytime I take a pic of the kid he's somewhere in his carseat. Here he is with flame-throwers behind him!

Cy enjoying a ride

Also hard to see but the rides are human-powered. there are two ladies pushing the ride in the middle!

Cy played a bunch of games and at the end they had him stand on this podium and as the woman yelled to all who would listen about his amazing feats. It was hysterical.

Happy sweaty boy on a presumably unhappy sweaty pony

Our cheap hotel oasis

Cy slept on his portable kid cot

And we just threw the whole bassinet from our house into our van for Arlo. Worked like a charm. Both boys were asleep by 8:30pm. Patrick & I were pretty proud of ourselves! They slept til 7:30 the next day (besides a night feeding for Arlo)

Little dude didn't even know the difference

In his carseat at the hot tub. :)

He has a old man receding hairline these days. Losing some of his baby hair...

We ate at "Cy's Bar & Restaurant" on our way home!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

one asleep and one watching sesame street

got the dishwasher running, the laundry going, most of our bags unpacked... and two quiet boys... time to post some pics!
We went back up to Crooked Lake for the Labor Day weekend. We tried to catch one last weekend of Summer... My parents weren't up there but my Uncle Jim, Aunt Carol, "cousins" Jeff, Sarah, Jake, Joe and my brother Mike and his friend Lindsay were all there. We had scatterbrained weather - hot and sweaty one minute then a cold breeze and rain the next. We managed to have a fair amount of outside time -- and even got to do some swimming.

Arlo did a "car seat tour" of Crooked Lake. Here he is beachside in his car seat in a tent.

Once again in his car seat. This time he's at the Pines getting a fish fry.

His brother played video games with the handsome twins Jacob and Joseph

Fireman's breakfast!

Sweet Lil Rascal

Jackson got some swim time too!

Self photo of me and my boys

It was a bit chilly out so we put warm water in the pool and kept the pool on the driveway to keep it warm.

Fresh air made for a lot of good naps.

Cy in his fall clothes and coonskin cap

We took A LOT of pics since it was Arlo's first time up at Crooked Lake!

Cy playing with the same barrel of monkies we all played with.

He loved it just as much as we did!

Great Uncle Jim

Obligatory family shot. Jackson is in this pic - even though he's hard to see!

Back in the car seat one last time- ready for the long ride home.

Next weekend Patrick & I celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary! This year we are going to do it with kids....