Wednesday, August 17, 2011

some pics from August


Minnehaha Falls

A trip to the falls

Enjoying the backyard

Uncle Tim hamming it up

Cy checking out our newest housemate

Out on a walk with mama and dada while little bro stays home with gma.

Nana sooo excited to hold the new guy

Nana's awesome quiches she brought over

Arlo and Wally - the same size!

Hi! The theme of this week is "hanging in there." The past two weeks before that were great -- we had lots of energy and were thrilled to have an outing or guests visit almost every night! Then little Arlo decided to "wake up" and now has been keeping his mama and dada up a bit more than before. He still is what most would consider a "great sleeper." He goes down at 10pm, sleeps til 2am, eats for an hour (except last night it was TWO hours!) and then sleeps til about 6am. However, the first two weeks he was doing even better than that! He even had a few 11pm-5am sleeping stints! He has been an exceptionally good baby though. So no complaints! But probably no dinner parties for a while either! :) We are tired!!

Speaking of doing great - Mr. Cy has been doing really great as well. The first week or two were a little rough. He always wanted to be where mama was. Like not in the same room, but in the same chair! This week he has gone back to doing some things on his own - he seems pretty much back to normal! yay! And he seems very happy. We owe this to the attention he has been getting from everyone who is pitching in: my parents (my mom is still here, my dad is up fishing in canada), the emmer's (they come once a week to take cy on an outing!) and the uncles (Mike & Tim both have had Cy adventures as well.) And of course Dada. Dada has been taking Cy on lots of special outings. Sometimes Mama is stuck in a chair breastfeeding so it has been really crucial to have all this extra help - especially during these first few weeks of transition - to give Cy lots of love!

Sorry if this is a big fat ramble... but like I said before - I am tired! Happy. But tired.


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