Monday, August 1, 2011

Homeward Bound

I awoke to find Jill had already packed the entire hospital room and completed her detailed checklist of things she needed or needed answered before discharge...I think that means she is ready to get out of here! She has been an absolute warrior the past year and was so strong and graceful during surgery and recovery this weekend. It seems she will recover well when she gets back to her bed (hospital beds suck) and enjoys the comforts of home!
Cy is excited to give his brother a tour of his new home, and show him his bedroom and toys that he has handed down to him.
We can't wait to start our lives as a family of four.
Thank you all for your prayers, calls, emails, texts, etc. during the past year. We have two healthy kids, great friends, (4) awesome grandparents and (2) loving/helpful uncles...what more can a mom and dad ask for?
Pregnancy chapter in the books, a fun future awaits...

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Kay Family said...

Hey there! We're having email problems and haven't been able to send any messages that way, but we're all thinking of you. Congratulations to everyone there from everyone here!!!

The girls are totally pumped about their new cousin. Once you're settled, they would love a chance to Skype the Porkito and his big brother.

Hope all is well and the move home goes fine.