Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Busy Family of FOUR

At Dan & Jacy's wedding picnic. That's Cy and his cute friend Soren!
On Sunday we went to the State Fair! Here's Arlo at his first fair.

We went Sunday morning at 9am. Patrick had a foot long hot dog and Cy and I had "pronto pups" (corn dogs) for breakfast!!

Cy and I were on the rides by 10am. I loved every second of it!! It feels great to be NOT PREGNANT and not so cautious anymore!! This one really spun fast and Cy kept asking for more!

It's so fun that Cy is finally old enough to ride some rides on his own!

He said this was his favorite... the giant slide with dada.

We said he could pick one "little souvenir"

Yesterday we had Julie and her three kids over. They were all sooo well behaved! Arlo is in the swing.

A little bit about Arlo...

He has the cutest "pug nose" and if you look at my baby pictures, you can see I had the same nose!

Speaking of looks, Arlo has been having a bit of a rough go lately. He has a perpetually goopy eye. I took him in to the doc for it. It's a clogged tear duct. No biggie. Will go away on it's own. He also has a bit of baby acne. AND he is beginning to get cradle cap. His eyebrows and forehead are all dried and starting to peel. He cleanes up good though! I throw a bit of coconut oil on the cradle cap (fight oil with oil!) and use a warm washcloth on that eye and he is as good as new! :) (or should I say "newborn??!")

He grunts and farts ALL night long. He farts so loud sometimes I'm embarrassed and pray that Patrick doesn't think it's me!

He is still a very very sweet baby. Very gentle mannered.

He does have a "witching hour" some nights - right before bedtime... he fusses for like a half hour... we are trying to figure it out.

He continues to be a great sleeper. He typically goes to sleep by 10pm or 11pm and only wakes once - around 3am or 4am. Then he feeds for an hour and goes right back to sleep. He wakes up when we do in the morning.

He reacts to touch. If he is fussy or crying I can usually calm him by putting my hand on his chest. It's so "handy" (HA!) I hope it continues!

He's not quite as much of a professional nurser. Cy did it like it was his job! Arlo dabbles. He falls asleep a lot and will not wake to finish eating!

He takes quite a few cat naps out and about and then one looong (3-4 hour) nap in his bassinet each day. So far I have been able to get both boys to nap at the same time... praying that continues because the free time sure is nice!

He is a lot more alert than he was a month ago. He will follow your finger with his eyes. He stares at his mobiles and toys.

He wears zip-up sleepers just about every day, all day/all night. He usually goes through 3-4 a day. I guess he isn't quite as in to fashion as Cy was at his age.

He is already wearing 3-6 month sized clothing!

So far he loves to be held by all sorts of different people - not just mommy and daddy.. I'm hoping that continues!

We all totally adore him.

He smiled at Cy today!

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