Thursday, August 4, 2011

Arlo's first photo shoot

Hi! Arlo had his first homemade photo shoot today. I planned on taking a bunch at the hospital but the little guy had an allergic reaction to something (they think lotion or perfume or something.) He had super huge puffy eyes he could barely open! Not very photogenic. Then we got home & got all settled and I had a spinal headache which sent me back to the hospital. A quick procedure (called an epidural blood patch- weirdest thing ever - google it!) cured it immediately. All is well now but we definitely were not photo-shoot ready for a few days! My next goal will be to do a joint photo shoot with both boys.

There is so much to tell... but frankly I feel like just posting these pics today and then taking advantage of "nap time" to run up and take a nap. So sorry but stories will have to wait. Let's just say that the first week home is a bit of a sh*t storm but I would not trade it for the world and I have found myself smiling more this week than I have in a long time because everything is so fun!! We are seriously over the moon and so so happy! Cy has been incredibly sweet. Friends have delivered food. Family has worked hard with childcare, baby projects and food prep. Patrick has been home the whole week. He and Cy have had lots of special outings. They say it takes a village - and this week it certainly has! We are incredibly blessed to have so many people on our team!

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