Thursday, August 11, 2011

Arlo's Birth Story

Hello! Everything is going great. I think it is about time I write Arlo's little birth story down before I forget it at all. There isn't too much to tell since it was a planned c-section, but here goes...

pic taken at 4:30am, just 3 hours before Arlo was born!

The night before Arlo was born wasn't as hectic as I imagined it would be. Cy spent most the day patiently awaiting for my parents to arrive from Wisconsin. Uncle Mike came over for a bit to play with Cy while I did a few final loads of laundry & got the grandparent's apartment ready. That night we all ate together & said our "goodnights" fairly early because Patrick & I had to set the alarm for 4:30am! I really wasn't nervous about the surgery... however, I was nervous about the upcoming change in lifestyle: all nighters, crying baby, dealing with two kids all while healing from surgery.

Sure enough in our pitch black room at 4:30am the alarm went off. Patrick and I quietly crept around and got ready to go. We were at the hospital by 5am. And by 5:15 I was hooked up to monitors and all settled in a bed watching the early early news. Having a baby is a surreal experience and the lack of sleep combined with the pre-dawn hospital arrival made it even more surreal.

It was interesting to watch my contractions being monitored. I had a lot of contractions starting very early on in my pregnancy (like 16 weeks.) A couple of times I had nights of consistent somewhat strong contractions that had almost sent me into the ER. Now that I was on the monitor I could see them & boy were they frequent... kinda makes me wonder how much I would've lasted before labor would've set it...

Then the nurses threw in the IV & had me walk myself into the OR. The anesthesiologist introduced himself & I of course had to tell him that my dad was one as well (how often do you meet one!?) I don't know if that made him nervous or what but it took him two takes to get the dang spinal in correctly.

After the drugs were pumping in my blood I became very chatty. Recounting this makes me totally cringe. I was a comedienne. I was a restaurant critic. I was a tour guide. My OB was hopping a plane to Moab after my surgery & I took upon my drugged self to tell her about all the great restaurants out there, etc. Oy vey. "You must go to the Desert Bistro Inn. Carl and Michele Kelly are fantastic chefs!" Told you. Cringe-worthy. Every time I get put under the mouth just starts to flap flap flap.

Then they were yelling "here he is!" "oh boy Jill you grow them big!" "look at all that hair!" I couldn't see a thing but these exclamations were very confusing to me. HAIR!?? shocking. BIG? How big?

Then Patrick saw him and said he had a full head of dark hair. I was floored. I grew dark hair inside me? Everyone in my family has been born bald and is light brown or blonde.

After that everyone started chiding Patrick about not cutting the cord. I am pretty sure my OB called him a wimp. I know I did. Turns out he didn't cut Cy's either. Never knew that.

Then we went on to the recovery room where again I blabbed away. I told the nurse about "pizza dough" stomach - what I think it looks like after a c-section, the "breastaurant" and other embarrassing things. Patrick made me feel better by telling me that the recovery room nurse was a bit batty but I think he was just saying that... I do remember that when she was wheeling me up to my hospital room she was quoting some of the "funny things" I had said earlier and I had ZERO recollection of saying them. Oy vey! Cringe cringe cringe!

Then the visitors started to come. First Cy and my parents. Watching Cy meet his brother for the first time was a very touching experience. He gave him the puppy "Wally" he had made for him. He wanted to look at Arlo's little ears, little toes, etc. He was incredibly well behaved and very happy! Oh, and he had known his little brother's name for almost as long as we had and had not told a soul! Every time someone asked him, he'd say "I can't tell you. It's a secret." So he took great pleasure in being the person to announce the name to "Nynn" and "Fishpa" in the car on the way to the hospital.

After my parents and brother and Cy had been there for about an hour, I started puking. So they left. Right after they walked out, in walked Jim and Nan. They came with their arms loaded with flowers and gifts. They took tunes holding their new grandson. It was very cute. After they had been there for about an hour, I puked again. So they left. I seemed to be scaring everyone away!

They all came back though. Cy and my family visited every day we were there. They had lunch with us in my hospital room (almost wrote "hotel room" which is what Patrick & I started calling it after a while. Room service!) The Emmer's came back too. And Tim came. Friends came. Katie, Annie, the Knolls.

It was a wonderful wonderful experience.

And that is pretty much it to the birth story!

My recovery has been easier this time than last time. I feel like I am moving around much much more and with a lot less pain. I have had a slew of complications but even with all of those in mind, I still feel like this time around is easier. Would you believe that Arlo is 12 days old and has been to 4 restaurants, the Mall of America, a backyard dinner party for 10 people (at our house,) my hair salon while I got highlights, Minnehaha Falls and more!? The kid seems to sleep great (SO FAR, knock on wood) and be a very gentle and sweet baby....

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Anonymous said...

Great story and pictures, Jill. Love to all you Emmers. Next time take a picture of all 6 stinky feet in the Emmer house. A good one for the ages. Love from us, you Milw. friends.