Friday, August 26, 2011

4 weeks today

Cy the "bookstore owner" reading books to all of his customers during storytime
Best (scariest!) climbing apparatus @ Lake Calhoun

Our monkey is always happy when he is climbing

Lake Calhoun



One of my fav pics to date!

Arlo's first bluegrass concert.

Cy and Uncle Mike at the bluegrass concert

A quiet moment with Fishpa before he left for Canada

Patrick took about 200 pics and this is the only one where the flash worked & it turned out. Of course it's the pic where Cy is sticking his big stinky in Uncle Mike's face!

Cy dancing with new friends at some outdoor music

Arlo after his very first bath at home.. so far he's only had 2!! (and he is 4 weeks old. You do the math... we aren't winning any awards for parenting over here!)

Cy washing his little brother's hair.

Arlo's first bath was a bit of a fiasco. There were 4 of us in my tiny little bathroom. My mom was taking all the pics. Cy sat in the big tub which was mostly dry. Upon being set in the water, Arlo pooped. Gross! We pulled him out, pulled Cy out, emptied and washed tub, wiped down Arlo and started over. Then... after being just about done with the bath, Arlo peed in it!! We rinsed him off and called it a day. Cy was totally delighted and said his little brother was "naughty." Cy LOVES naughty anything. His favorite tv show is Curious George. He always wants to hear multiple stories about "naughty kids." So I think he is totally psyched that he might have a naughty brother!

Backyard hula hooping

Jacy giving a round of haircuts. She cut Cy's hair, my dad's hair and my hair. Cy had great fun sweeping it all up! Uncle Tim said that Arlo was the first newborn he ever met who was born needing a haircut. If that's the case, we better invite Jacy over for dinner again soon!

Arlo's first dinner and haircut party (one week old!)


I can't believe Arlo is 4 weeks old. I also can't believe that my mom (and my dad for the most part) have been here for four whole weeks!! They are leaving today. My dad came into town on Weds from his fishing trip in Canada and now they are heading home. It is the first time my mom is leaving since she got here the day before Arlo was born! Crazy to think an entire month has gone by. I know I have said this before but I have to say it again -- this experience would not have been nearly as fun or enjoyable without the help of our families and friends!! We are so blessed to have so many people in our lives who are able and willing to help! We had a great month with the grandparents here. Yes, we definitely hit a few road bumps (my post-surgery complications, a bad cold and my parent's dog Jessie had to have her eye removed while she was up here!!) but overall I think it was a really terrific month!! And I'm pretty sure not many people would say that about the first month with a newborn!

So, cheers to all of you for making this month great!! Now wish me luck because next week I start being a mom of two on my own!!

xoxoxo Patrick, Jill, Cy, Arlo & Jackson

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