Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Busy Family of FOUR

At Dan & Jacy's wedding picnic. That's Cy and his cute friend Soren!
On Sunday we went to the State Fair! Here's Arlo at his first fair.

We went Sunday morning at 9am. Patrick had a foot long hot dog and Cy and I had "pronto pups" (corn dogs) for breakfast!!

Cy and I were on the rides by 10am. I loved every second of it!! It feels great to be NOT PREGNANT and not so cautious anymore!! This one really spun fast and Cy kept asking for more!

It's so fun that Cy is finally old enough to ride some rides on his own!

He said this was his favorite... the giant slide with dada.

We said he could pick one "little souvenir"

Yesterday we had Julie and her three kids over. They were all sooo well behaved! Arlo is in the swing.

A little bit about Arlo...

He has the cutest "pug nose" and if you look at my baby pictures, you can see I had the same nose!

Speaking of looks, Arlo has been having a bit of a rough go lately. He has a perpetually goopy eye. I took him in to the doc for it. It's a clogged tear duct. No biggie. Will go away on it's own. He also has a bit of baby acne. AND he is beginning to get cradle cap. His eyebrows and forehead are all dried and starting to peel. He cleanes up good though! I throw a bit of coconut oil on the cradle cap (fight oil with oil!) and use a warm washcloth on that eye and he is as good as new! :) (or should I say "newborn??!")

He grunts and farts ALL night long. He farts so loud sometimes I'm embarrassed and pray that Patrick doesn't think it's me!

He is still a very very sweet baby. Very gentle mannered.

He does have a "witching hour" some nights - right before bedtime... he fusses for like a half hour... we are trying to figure it out.

He continues to be a great sleeper. He typically goes to sleep by 10pm or 11pm and only wakes once - around 3am or 4am. Then he feeds for an hour and goes right back to sleep. He wakes up when we do in the morning.

He reacts to touch. If he is fussy or crying I can usually calm him by putting my hand on his chest. It's so "handy" (HA!) I hope it continues!

He's not quite as much of a professional nurser. Cy did it like it was his job! Arlo dabbles. He falls asleep a lot and will not wake to finish eating!

He takes quite a few cat naps out and about and then one looong (3-4 hour) nap in his bassinet each day. So far I have been able to get both boys to nap at the same time... praying that continues because the free time sure is nice!

He is a lot more alert than he was a month ago. He will follow your finger with his eyes. He stares at his mobiles and toys.

He wears zip-up sleepers just about every day, all day/all night. He usually goes through 3-4 a day. I guess he isn't quite as in to fashion as Cy was at his age.

He is already wearing 3-6 month sized clothing!

So far he loves to be held by all sorts of different people - not just mommy and daddy.. I'm hoping that continues!

We all totally adore him.

He smiled at Cy today!

Friday, August 26, 2011

4 weeks today

Cy the "bookstore owner" reading books to all of his customers during storytime
Best (scariest!) climbing apparatus @ Lake Calhoun

Our monkey is always happy when he is climbing

Lake Calhoun



One of my fav pics to date!

Arlo's first bluegrass concert.

Cy and Uncle Mike at the bluegrass concert

A quiet moment with Fishpa before he left for Canada

Patrick took about 200 pics and this is the only one where the flash worked & it turned out. Of course it's the pic where Cy is sticking his big stinky in Uncle Mike's face!

Cy dancing with new friends at some outdoor music

Arlo after his very first bath at home.. so far he's only had 2!! (and he is 4 weeks old. You do the math... we aren't winning any awards for parenting over here!)

Cy washing his little brother's hair.

Arlo's first bath was a bit of a fiasco. There were 4 of us in my tiny little bathroom. My mom was taking all the pics. Cy sat in the big tub which was mostly dry. Upon being set in the water, Arlo pooped. Gross! We pulled him out, pulled Cy out, emptied and washed tub, wiped down Arlo and started over. Then... after being just about done with the bath, Arlo peed in it!! We rinsed him off and called it a day. Cy was totally delighted and said his little brother was "naughty." Cy LOVES naughty anything. His favorite tv show is Curious George. He always wants to hear multiple stories about "naughty kids." So I think he is totally psyched that he might have a naughty brother!

Backyard hula hooping

Jacy giving a round of haircuts. She cut Cy's hair, my dad's hair and my hair. Cy had great fun sweeping it all up! Uncle Tim said that Arlo was the first newborn he ever met who was born needing a haircut. If that's the case, we better invite Jacy over for dinner again soon!

Arlo's first dinner and haircut party (one week old!)


I can't believe Arlo is 4 weeks old. I also can't believe that my mom (and my dad for the most part) have been here for four whole weeks!! They are leaving today. My dad came into town on Weds from his fishing trip in Canada and now they are heading home. It is the first time my mom is leaving since she got here the day before Arlo was born! Crazy to think an entire month has gone by. I know I have said this before but I have to say it again -- this experience would not have been nearly as fun or enjoyable without the help of our families and friends!! We are so blessed to have so many people in our lives who are able and willing to help! We had a great month with the grandparents here. Yes, we definitely hit a few road bumps (my post-surgery complications, a bad cold and my parent's dog Jessie had to have her eye removed while she was up here!!) but overall I think it was a really terrific month!! And I'm pretty sure not many people would say that about the first month with a newborn!

So, cheers to all of you for making this month great!! Now wish me luck because next week I start being a mom of two on my own!!

xoxoxo Patrick, Jill, Cy, Arlo & Jackson

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

some pics from August


Minnehaha Falls

A trip to the falls

Enjoying the backyard

Uncle Tim hamming it up

Cy checking out our newest housemate

Out on a walk with mama and dada while little bro stays home with gma.

Nana sooo excited to hold the new guy

Nana's awesome quiches she brought over

Arlo and Wally - the same size!

Hi! The theme of this week is "hanging in there." The past two weeks before that were great -- we had lots of energy and were thrilled to have an outing or guests visit almost every night! Then little Arlo decided to "wake up" and now has been keeping his mama and dada up a bit more than before. He still is what most would consider a "great sleeper." He goes down at 10pm, sleeps til 2am, eats for an hour (except last night it was TWO hours!) and then sleeps til about 6am. However, the first two weeks he was doing even better than that! He even had a few 11pm-5am sleeping stints! He has been an exceptionally good baby though. So no complaints! But probably no dinner parties for a while either! :) We are tired!!

Speaking of doing great - Mr. Cy has been doing really great as well. The first week or two were a little rough. He always wanted to be where mama was. Like not in the same room, but in the same chair! This week he has gone back to doing some things on his own - he seems pretty much back to normal! yay! And he seems very happy. We owe this to the attention he has been getting from everyone who is pitching in: my parents (my mom is still here, my dad is up fishing in canada), the emmer's (they come once a week to take cy on an outing!) and the uncles (Mike & Tim both have had Cy adventures as well.) And of course Dada. Dada has been taking Cy on lots of special outings. Sometimes Mama is stuck in a chair breastfeeding so it has been really crucial to have all this extra help - especially during these first few weeks of transition - to give Cy lots of love!

Sorry if this is a big fat ramble... but like I said before - I am tired! Happy. But tired.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Arlo's Birth Story

Hello! Everything is going great. I think it is about time I write Arlo's little birth story down before I forget it at all. There isn't too much to tell since it was a planned c-section, but here goes...

pic taken at 4:30am, just 3 hours before Arlo was born!

The night before Arlo was born wasn't as hectic as I imagined it would be. Cy spent most the day patiently awaiting for my parents to arrive from Wisconsin. Uncle Mike came over for a bit to play with Cy while I did a few final loads of laundry & got the grandparent's apartment ready. That night we all ate together & said our "goodnights" fairly early because Patrick & I had to set the alarm for 4:30am! I really wasn't nervous about the surgery... however, I was nervous about the upcoming change in lifestyle: all nighters, crying baby, dealing with two kids all while healing from surgery.

Sure enough in our pitch black room at 4:30am the alarm went off. Patrick and I quietly crept around and got ready to go. We were at the hospital by 5am. And by 5:15 I was hooked up to monitors and all settled in a bed watching the early early news. Having a baby is a surreal experience and the lack of sleep combined with the pre-dawn hospital arrival made it even more surreal.

It was interesting to watch my contractions being monitored. I had a lot of contractions starting very early on in my pregnancy (like 16 weeks.) A couple of times I had nights of consistent somewhat strong contractions that had almost sent me into the ER. Now that I was on the monitor I could see them & boy were they frequent... kinda makes me wonder how much I would've lasted before labor would've set it...

Then the nurses threw in the IV & had me walk myself into the OR. The anesthesiologist introduced himself & I of course had to tell him that my dad was one as well (how often do you meet one!?) I don't know if that made him nervous or what but it took him two takes to get the dang spinal in correctly.

After the drugs were pumping in my blood I became very chatty. Recounting this makes me totally cringe. I was a comedienne. I was a restaurant critic. I was a tour guide. My OB was hopping a plane to Moab after my surgery & I took upon my drugged self to tell her about all the great restaurants out there, etc. Oy vey. "You must go to the Desert Bistro Inn. Carl and Michele Kelly are fantastic chefs!" Told you. Cringe-worthy. Every time I get put under the mouth just starts to flap flap flap.

Then they were yelling "here he is!" "oh boy Jill you grow them big!" "look at all that hair!" I couldn't see a thing but these exclamations were very confusing to me. HAIR!?? shocking. BIG? How big?

Then Patrick saw him and said he had a full head of dark hair. I was floored. I grew dark hair inside me? Everyone in my family has been born bald and is light brown or blonde.

After that everyone started chiding Patrick about not cutting the cord. I am pretty sure my OB called him a wimp. I know I did. Turns out he didn't cut Cy's either. Never knew that.

Then we went on to the recovery room where again I blabbed away. I told the nurse about "pizza dough" stomach - what I think it looks like after a c-section, the "breastaurant" and other embarrassing things. Patrick made me feel better by telling me that the recovery room nurse was a bit batty but I think he was just saying that... I do remember that when she was wheeling me up to my hospital room she was quoting some of the "funny things" I had said earlier and I had ZERO recollection of saying them. Oy vey! Cringe cringe cringe!

Then the visitors started to come. First Cy and my parents. Watching Cy meet his brother for the first time was a very touching experience. He gave him the puppy "Wally" he had made for him. He wanted to look at Arlo's little ears, little toes, etc. He was incredibly well behaved and very happy! Oh, and he had known his little brother's name for almost as long as we had and had not told a soul! Every time someone asked him, he'd say "I can't tell you. It's a secret." So he took great pleasure in being the person to announce the name to "Nynn" and "Fishpa" in the car on the way to the hospital.

After my parents and brother and Cy had been there for about an hour, I started puking. So they left. Right after they walked out, in walked Jim and Nan. They came with their arms loaded with flowers and gifts. They took tunes holding their new grandson. It was very cute. After they had been there for about an hour, I puked again. So they left. I seemed to be scaring everyone away!

They all came back though. Cy and my family visited every day we were there. They had lunch with us in my hospital room (almost wrote "hotel room" which is what Patrick & I started calling it after a while. Room service!) The Emmer's came back too. And Tim came. Friends came. Katie, Annie, the Knolls.

It was a wonderful wonderful experience.

And that is pretty much it to the birth story!

My recovery has been easier this time than last time. I feel like I am moving around much much more and with a lot less pain. I have had a slew of complications but even with all of those in mind, I still feel like this time around is easier. Would you believe that Arlo is 12 days old and has been to 4 restaurants, the Mall of America, a backyard dinner party for 10 people (at our house,) my hair salon while I got highlights, Minnehaha Falls and more!? The kid seems to sleep great (SO FAR, knock on wood) and be a very gentle and sweet baby....

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Story Behind the Name

Arlo Calhoun

Patrick and I had a hard time agreeing on a name this time around. It took us a long time!! With Cy it was easy because we both really liked the name and it had a lot of meaning behind it since it is a family name. With Arlo I really wanted to use a family name again but we could not find one that we agreed upon. Wayne? Earl? Nah... So we hit the books and the internet. We found out he was a boy when I was about 18 weeks pregnant. We didn't "shake hands" on a name til I was about 31 weeks pregnant. That's a lot of weeks of late night discussions! Boy did we throw a lot of names out there! Names that we hated at 18 weeks suddenly sounded good at 25 weeks but then bad at 30 weeks: Waylon, Enzo, Shane, Kieran. Back and forth, back and forth we went. We suffered "paralysis by analysis."

Finally when Grandpa Cy died at the beginning of June I just "knew" I had to use a family name. Still, there was not one that we agreed upon. So I started to get "creative" and look into acronyms. And that's how we found Arlo!! It's a stretch and I won't be advertising this to the general public but the name Arlo (to me!) respresents: Alice. Richard. Lucy. (there's no "O.") Alice and Richard are Arlo's great-grandparents on my dad's side and Lucy is Patrick's mom's maiden name. So between Cy and Arlo we have all 4 sides represented! Within days of Grandpa Cy's passing, we had agreed on the name Arlo.

As far as the middle name Calhoun goes... Patrick wanted the babe's initials to be "A.C.E." so when he is a professional athlete everyone can call him Ace. :) So we decided to do something meaningful to us - which would be Uptown - our beloved old neighborhood that we lived in for 7+ years and just left in February. It was a toss up between Colfax (our old street) and Calhoun (the lake I ran around almost every single day.) Patrick was left to decide. He chose Calhoun. End of story!

And now you know a little more about our latest addition! Next up: birth story and pics of Arlo with his big brother!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Arlo's first photo shoot

Hi! Arlo had his first homemade photo shoot today. I planned on taking a bunch at the hospital but the little guy had an allergic reaction to something (they think lotion or perfume or something.) He had super huge puffy eyes he could barely open! Not very photogenic. Then we got home & got all settled and I had a spinal headache which sent me back to the hospital. A quick procedure (called an epidural blood patch- weirdest thing ever - google it!) cured it immediately. All is well now but we definitely were not photo-shoot ready for a few days! My next goal will be to do a joint photo shoot with both boys.

There is so much to tell... but frankly I feel like just posting these pics today and then taking advantage of "nap time" to run up and take a nap. So sorry but stories will have to wait. Let's just say that the first week home is a bit of a sh*t storm but I would not trade it for the world and I have found myself smiling more this week than I have in a long time because everything is so fun!! We are seriously over the moon and so so happy! Cy has been incredibly sweet. Friends have delivered food. Family has worked hard with childcare, baby projects and food prep. Patrick has been home the whole week. He and Cy have had lots of special outings. They say it takes a village - and this week it certainly has! We are incredibly blessed to have so many people on our team!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Homeward Bound

I awoke to find Jill had already packed the entire hospital room and completed her detailed checklist of things she needed or needed answered before discharge...I think that means she is ready to get out of here! She has been an absolute warrior the past year and was so strong and graceful during surgery and recovery this weekend. It seems she will recover well when she gets back to her bed (hospital beds suck) and enjoys the comforts of home!
Cy is excited to give his brother a tour of his new home, and show him his bedroom and toys that he has handed down to him.
We can't wait to start our lives as a family of four.
Thank you all for your prayers, calls, emails, texts, etc. during the past year. We have two healthy kids, great friends, (4) awesome grandparents and (2) loving/helpful uncles...what more can a mom and dad ask for?
Pregnancy chapter in the books, a fun future awaits...