Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ok, we have everything ready! (small hint!)

We have a belly full of baby.....

A playroom filled with some "new" toys (used actually - off ebay!) Pirate ship, castle, dinosaurs and more!

A "nursery" all set up.

Still in the nursery: A pic of a baby porcupine. A nod to "Uncle Porky" who was Grandpa Cy's brother. His real name was Albin and no, we are not naming this little guy Albin.. but he has definitely been referred to as "Lil Porky" once or twice. I'm sure we are all hoping that nickname doesn't stick! :) Love this photographer by the way: I ordered her pic of the baby monkey for Cy's room too!

Changing table, mobile, etc. In case you are wondering: the frame on the wall still has the pic and prints that came with it... And there's a name clue if you can spot it!

Here is even more of a name clue! My new necklace. I feel armed and ready with it on! Tim gave me a necklace very similar to this for Christmas several year ago. I wore it religiously. However, it only had a "P" (for Patrick) on it and a "C" (for Cy.) I decided it was time for an upgrade -- and include EVERYONE!

From left to right: Large coin says "P & J 9-10-05"

A small "C" for Cy

A small "A" for baby

A "dog tag" with a "j" on it for Jackson

and finally on the far right there is a tiny little Peridot stone that represents the babe we lost in August!

I loved this designer too. Found her on Etsy:

That's all she wrote! Nothing left to do but pack a hospital bag and charge the cameras! Patrick and I are going in on Friday morning, probably while you all are still tucked into your cozy beds. We will be posting stories, baby's name, pics, etc on here as we can! We are soooo excited!!!

P, J, C, A & j

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Anonymous said...

Hi to all the Emmers, P & J, C, and little a, and Jackson. I'm so excited for you all and hoping and praying that all with go well and we will get to see pictures very soon of your new bouncing baby boy.
Congratuations to all of you and thanks for sharing the pictures.
Love, from C&b, and Snickers