Sunday, July 17, 2011

gearing up

HI! We are now under two weeks away from babytime!! Yesterday (Saturday) Patrick and Cy had a playdate extravaganza day - first meeting up with Campbell and his dad Dan for some swimming at the local waterpark. The boys really took to a huge waterslide that they road tandem with their dads. Then, after nap, Patrick and Cy went over to Marin & her dad Ian's house for a summer party followed by a walk to Lake Harriet and some live music. Needless to say the boys slept quite well last night! (I wish I could say the same about myself!) While the boys were out having fun, I napped then worked on the nursery and putting together various baby items. Today is Patrick's turn to put stuff together while Cy and I hang out. Patrick just installed 4 car seats (2 for Cy, 2 for baby) in 90 degree sweltering humid heat. He was looking a little parched by the end but he got it done this morning before it gets even hotter out!

Speaking of hot, it is quite nice of mother nature to bless us with an unbearably hot week of weather this upcoming week... if there was any tidbit of fear left in me regarding a c-section it has been annihilated by the intense desire to GET THIS BABY OUT!! 9 months pregnant, record heat and humidity = not pretty. But we are just chugging along & getting more and more excited every day. It seems that everything is laying into place quite nicely. Two big things that are really really really helping make life easier: 1) we are having a cleaning lady come on Wednesday and clean our house head-to-toe. Total splurge. I am so excited. I think about her coming probably as much as I think about the baby coming! You know that nesting, everything-has-to-be-perfect-before-baby-comes instinct? Well, having a cleaning lady coming sure has put a lot of that to rest! All of a sudden I'll have the sudden urge to hand clean the kitchen floor and then I say to myself: "self, (just kidding) you don't have to do that! Someone else is going to!" Seriously if you have a friend or someone that is preggo and you need a gift, buy them some cleaning services. And #2 big helper item: my mom has been busy cooking and said she wants as much room as possible in the freezer. Knowing that we are going to have lots of healthy, home cooked meals with veggies and whatnot when we are at our busiest is very comforting. More comforting is the fact that I don't have to do it!! Thanks mom! :)

We had visitors!! My cousin Jens, her man Jeff and their baby Finn stopped through on their drive from Wisconsin to Washington State! Oh man I wished they lived here. We had such a nice time having lunch with them out in the backyard.

Jeff & Finn, moments before getting in the car for a 3-4 day stint!

Moms and their babes.

Cy "wearing" his baby in her new carrier while driving his car. He's practicing.

One rainy day last week Cy & I went to the mall. It was pouring. I happened to find an empty spot right in front. It had this sign on it. Never knew that existed before and was soooo happy to happen upon it at that very minute!

So, the reason we went to the mall was to make a gift for Cy's new baby brother. My friend Julie did this for her little Mason a few years ago and I loved the idea. We went to "Build-A-Bear" where Cy got to choose which animal he wanted to make...

Then the nice storelady and Cy filled the puppy he chose with stuffing, a heart that he had to kiss and, best of all, a little button that contains a recording of Cy saying "Welcome to the world baby brother. I love you!" when you push the puppy's paw.

Then Cy had to give the puppy an air bath. He LOVED doing this.

Then he had to make a birth certificate. He named the puppy "Wally" which I thought was a great idea since he's been wanting to use that name for months!!

He is going to bring Wally to the hospital when he goes to meet his brother for the first time!

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