Saturday, July 23, 2011

brutal weather bizatch session

Let me complain about the brutal weather. We have had record heat and humidity. One night on the news they said we were the most humid spot on Earth - just beating out Dubai!
One weird pregnancy "issue" I've had has been showering and it has been that way for a looong time - like since Christmas. Just about everytime I showered I would feel light headed, dizzy & nauseous afterwards and need to lay down a bit. Well, I guess it should be no surprise that the recent weather of extreme heat and humidity had the exact same effect.
Two examples: We took Cy to see Winnie the Pooh. It was soooo cute and he laughed loudly through lots of parts. Very endearing. However, before the movie the short walk from the car to the theater in the heat forced me to sit down right away: my spinning head, tunnel vision, cold sweats, etc. I was totally fine after a little while.
Secondly the other day I was down in our basement laundry room looking for something when I noticed a slew on gnats flying around. Not too surprising since our house appears to be quite buggy. Later on though I was in the bathtub, started to feel light headed and saw gnats again. I realized that there weren't any dang gnats -- it was spots in my vision! Once again, I laid down and everything was fine after a while. I've been checking blood pressure, etc and I am healthy - I believe it's just an outcome of the weather.
Why am I telling you all this? Well, first off it feels good to bitch a bit and not act like the last week of pregnancy is all roses. And secondly I realize that I seem to forget the hard parts of pregnancy soon after it is over & for once I am going to document it a bit.
So yeah, we have been taking it REALLY easy this week. Cancelled a lot of plans with friends and family (sorry! now you know why!) and have been lying low....
Today the humidity was gone and I was back to my old self. I hope the old self decides to hang out for one more week!

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Catherine said...

Dizzy and seeing spots could be low blood sugar. Not uncommon when growing baby tapping into your energy unexpectedly, especially when your body is using up more energy than normal due to exercise or excessive heat. Next time drink 4-8oz of something sugary (like juice) and see if that helps.