Friday, July 29, 2011

He's Here!!

Arlo Calhoun Emmer was born this morning - 7:30am. Weighing in at 9 lbs, 1 oz. and 21 inches long. Jill's C-Section was as good as they get and we are all happy and healthy.

The boy has a nice head of dark brown hair and seemingly dark blue eyes (they say the eye color can change in the first year so we will have to wait and see!)

Arlo peed on the doctor when she pulled him out and just peed on the nurse that was changing his diaper...way to go son!

Cy was super cute with his new brother and seems to really like him.

Thanks to all for your kind thoughts, prayers, emails, texts, calls and what nots!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ok, we have everything ready! (small hint!)

We have a belly full of baby.....

A playroom filled with some "new" toys (used actually - off ebay!) Pirate ship, castle, dinosaurs and more!

A "nursery" all set up.

Still in the nursery: A pic of a baby porcupine. A nod to "Uncle Porky" who was Grandpa Cy's brother. His real name was Albin and no, we are not naming this little guy Albin.. but he has definitely been referred to as "Lil Porky" once or twice. I'm sure we are all hoping that nickname doesn't stick! :) Love this photographer by the way: I ordered her pic of the baby monkey for Cy's room too!

Changing table, mobile, etc. In case you are wondering: the frame on the wall still has the pic and prints that came with it... And there's a name clue if you can spot it!

Here is even more of a name clue! My new necklace. I feel armed and ready with it on! Tim gave me a necklace very similar to this for Christmas several year ago. I wore it religiously. However, it only had a "P" (for Patrick) on it and a "C" (for Cy.) I decided it was time for an upgrade -- and include EVERYONE!

From left to right: Large coin says "P & J 9-10-05"

A small "C" for Cy

A small "A" for baby

A "dog tag" with a "j" on it for Jackson

and finally on the far right there is a tiny little Peridot stone that represents the babe we lost in August!

I loved this designer too. Found her on Etsy:

That's all she wrote! Nothing left to do but pack a hospital bag and charge the cameras! Patrick and I are going in on Friday morning, probably while you all are still tucked into your cozy beds. We will be posting stories, baby's name, pics, etc on here as we can! We are soooo excited!!!

P, J, C, A & j

Saturday, July 23, 2011

last Saturday night

Back in our old 'hood Uptown for one last dinner out
At "Il Gato" Restaurant in Calhoun Square

Cy took this pic of us

5 more days!!!

We went out to dinner as a family tonight and took some pics. We are getting so close to being a family of four! Friday the 29th, 8:30am. Scheduled c-section....

brutal weather bizatch session

Let me complain about the brutal weather. We have had record heat and humidity. One night on the news they said we were the most humid spot on Earth - just beating out Dubai!
One weird pregnancy "issue" I've had has been showering and it has been that way for a looong time - like since Christmas. Just about everytime I showered I would feel light headed, dizzy & nauseous afterwards and need to lay down a bit. Well, I guess it should be no surprise that the recent weather of extreme heat and humidity had the exact same effect.
Two examples: We took Cy to see Winnie the Pooh. It was soooo cute and he laughed loudly through lots of parts. Very endearing. However, before the movie the short walk from the car to the theater in the heat forced me to sit down right away: my spinning head, tunnel vision, cold sweats, etc. I was totally fine after a little while.
Secondly the other day I was down in our basement laundry room looking for something when I noticed a slew on gnats flying around. Not too surprising since our house appears to be quite buggy. Later on though I was in the bathtub, started to feel light headed and saw gnats again. I realized that there weren't any dang gnats -- it was spots in my vision! Once again, I laid down and everything was fine after a while. I've been checking blood pressure, etc and I am healthy - I believe it's just an outcome of the weather.
Why am I telling you all this? Well, first off it feels good to bitch a bit and not act like the last week of pregnancy is all roses. And secondly I realize that I seem to forget the hard parts of pregnancy soon after it is over & for once I am going to document it a bit.
So yeah, we have been taking it REALLY easy this week. Cancelled a lot of plans with friends and family (sorry! now you know why!) and have been lying low....
Today the humidity was gone and I was back to my old self. I hope the old self decides to hang out for one more week!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

gearing up

HI! We are now under two weeks away from babytime!! Yesterday (Saturday) Patrick and Cy had a playdate extravaganza day - first meeting up with Campbell and his dad Dan for some swimming at the local waterpark. The boys really took to a huge waterslide that they road tandem with their dads. Then, after nap, Patrick and Cy went over to Marin & her dad Ian's house for a summer party followed by a walk to Lake Harriet and some live music. Needless to say the boys slept quite well last night! (I wish I could say the same about myself!) While the boys were out having fun, I napped then worked on the nursery and putting together various baby items. Today is Patrick's turn to put stuff together while Cy and I hang out. Patrick just installed 4 car seats (2 for Cy, 2 for baby) in 90 degree sweltering humid heat. He was looking a little parched by the end but he got it done this morning before it gets even hotter out!

Speaking of hot, it is quite nice of mother nature to bless us with an unbearably hot week of weather this upcoming week... if there was any tidbit of fear left in me regarding a c-section it has been annihilated by the intense desire to GET THIS BABY OUT!! 9 months pregnant, record heat and humidity = not pretty. But we are just chugging along & getting more and more excited every day. It seems that everything is laying into place quite nicely. Two big things that are really really really helping make life easier: 1) we are having a cleaning lady come on Wednesday and clean our house head-to-toe. Total splurge. I am so excited. I think about her coming probably as much as I think about the baby coming! You know that nesting, everything-has-to-be-perfect-before-baby-comes instinct? Well, having a cleaning lady coming sure has put a lot of that to rest! All of a sudden I'll have the sudden urge to hand clean the kitchen floor and then I say to myself: "self, (just kidding) you don't have to do that! Someone else is going to!" Seriously if you have a friend or someone that is preggo and you need a gift, buy them some cleaning services. And #2 big helper item: my mom has been busy cooking and said she wants as much room as possible in the freezer. Knowing that we are going to have lots of healthy, home cooked meals with veggies and whatnot when we are at our busiest is very comforting. More comforting is the fact that I don't have to do it!! Thanks mom! :)

We had visitors!! My cousin Jens, her man Jeff and their baby Finn stopped through on their drive from Wisconsin to Washington State! Oh man I wished they lived here. We had such a nice time having lunch with them out in the backyard.

Jeff & Finn, moments before getting in the car for a 3-4 day stint!

Moms and their babes.

Cy "wearing" his baby in her new carrier while driving his car. He's practicing.

One rainy day last week Cy & I went to the mall. It was pouring. I happened to find an empty spot right in front. It had this sign on it. Never knew that existed before and was soooo happy to happen upon it at that very minute!

So, the reason we went to the mall was to make a gift for Cy's new baby brother. My friend Julie did this for her little Mason a few years ago and I loved the idea. We went to "Build-A-Bear" where Cy got to choose which animal he wanted to make...

Then the nice storelady and Cy filled the puppy he chose with stuffing, a heart that he had to kiss and, best of all, a little button that contains a recording of Cy saying "Welcome to the world baby brother. I love you!" when you push the puppy's paw.

Then Cy had to give the puppy an air bath. He LOVED doing this.

Then he had to make a birth certificate. He named the puppy "Wally" which I thought was a great idea since he's been wanting to use that name for months!!

He is going to bring Wally to the hospital when he goes to meet his brother for the first time!

Friday, July 8, 2011

3 weeks and counting

Hello there old friend Mr Computer... I haven't seen you in a while!

We just took our final vacation to the Wisco cottage as a little family of three (humans) and one charming springer. Next time we cross state lines we will be toting a new little member!

Vacation was bliss. I have to say that I had a smidge of guilt each day because I totally took advantage of Patrick being off and caught up on my sleep which meant I missed out on some morning activities... but being able to nap was heavenly - and what can you expect from a 9 month preggo woman!? At least I survived the long car rides. It took us 6 hours to get there!

We had a great time. There was a ton of family. Cy got to play with all of his cousins -- Finn from Washington state, Eleanor and Megan who are home from Greece for the summer and of course the charming twins Jacob and Joseph who live in Milwaukee.

Cy experienced so much! He caught fish with Uncle Mike. He swam for hours ALL BY HIMSELF (with a life jacket and dada nearby)!!! We had an amazing firework show right in our own backyard, smores with cousins, lots of tandem bike rides with dada (not me!), stories with Grandma and "Fishpa" and hours after hours of being outside!

Patrick got the chance to sneak out and golf 9 holes with Mike and the other boys three times! All in all it was a wonderful little family get-away before the meconium hits the fan..

And speaking of meconium, after a day or two of catching up with the real world (laundry, food shopping, etc) I am officially NESTING and/or preparing (whichever you choose to call it) for little Emmerboy #2! My mind has turned to BABYBABYBABYBABYBABY... and I am finally excited!!! I think after all those long months of uncertainty, it has been hard to accept the fact that this baby really IS coming (Even though my tummy is BLARINGLY obvious!) Yesterday I sorted all of Cy's old clothes (by size) and put the smallest (holy cow are they small!) items into the drawers. Next up: we are going on a city-wide round-about to collect all of our lent-out baby items.

This is the very last picture I EVER took with my beloved camera. It now has a fatal error message every time I turn it on. Patrick took it in & the man said it's cheaper to buy new than repair. Buh Bye camera. :( Frankly I feel like I go through them like they are disposable and it is embarrassing. However I do have to say that I go through hundreds of pictures a month and my camera goes EVERYWHERE with me so my camera does get a workout!

Singing Uncle Jim happy birthday.

Jacob, Joseph, Jeff and Sarah

Cy and Finn

Classic up north apps: slovenian sausage in one hand and jumbo shrimp in the other.

Great Aunt Hillie came up (Grandpa Cy's last remaining living sibling)

Another day by the lake

Cy swimming with Megan and Eleanore

Dick and Lynn out in their kayaks

Watching Curious George with Uncle Mike

Swimming on his own!!!!

Fishing with Uncle Mike

A BEAUTIFUL wedding the night before we left for the cabin

Cy's friend Lydia's birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese!!