Friday, June 17, 2011

a first half of june recap

Lucky me. Last night Patrick was gone in S Dakota so Uncle Tim came over & played with Cy in the mudpit that used to be a backyard. Thank God for Tim and his energy!
Storytime last night. Hard to see what's going on but basically Cy now uses my belly as a toy table during stories.

Last weekend the Cherwenka's came up to visit. They were here to see where Uncle Mike lives. He decided to move up to the Twin Cities for at least the summer. We are excited to have him here!!! Cy is stoked. We went on a boat brunch cruise up & down the Mississippi.

The captain let Cy take the wheel!

Cy steer us towards the Mpls skyline.

Fishpa is always happy on water.

The huge boat we were on!

Bedtime stories.

The boys enjoying a nice night on Lake Minnetonka

Lake Minnetonka. This is the lake Mike lives on!

We ate at the Al & Alma's Supper Club and then wondered down near the lake. We did not go on their cruise even though we sure snapped enough pics to make it look like we did!

This pic is from the beginning of June when our little family was up at the cottage in Wisco. I just loved this scene... happening only a few days after Gpa Cy died... Little Cy sitting in Big Cy's favorite spot, eating peanuts just like Big Cy always did.

Down in Milwaukee. The entire family that was still in Milwaukee went out to eat at Vickie's Restaurant after the burial. It was so fitting because that was one of Grandpa Cy's weekly lunch spots.

The family with Gpa's one and only favorite waitress. She would bring him his coffee before he even uttered a word. At the table: Uncle Tom (Milwaukee), Aunt Carol (Chicago), Cousin Eric (Chicago), Cousin Catherine (Greece), Aunt Sharon (Milwaukee), Patrick, Uncle Jim (Milwaukee), Cousin Jeff (Washington), Me, my dad, cousin Jens and her son Finn (Washington), my mom and lil Cy and the favorite waitress (Dee?)

Missing from the pic, but were certainly part of the weekend: my brother Mike (Mpls), Cousin Kara and her son Henry (living in the UK) and Patrick's dad Jim who made the drive all the way from Mpls just to be there in support and honor Gpa Cy.

I included all of the home locations of everyone because it truly was something special that all of these people, who live all over the world, made it to Milwaukee for Grandpa's funeral.

Grandpa's funeral was on a Saturday. The burial was on a Monday. Never one to miss a lake opportunity, the entire family crashed Tom & Sharon's lakehouse for the day (Sunday) on Lake Beulah. It was a perfect sunny day and a treat to spend it with extended family.

Cousin Jens & Finn.

The twins holding daycare for Cy, Finn and Henry while their mommies soaked in the sun.

Cy was so excited. Finn and his family stayed at my parents' house that weekend so he had a built-in playmate! They were great together.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

three little pics from up north

This pic -- not so little. I am huge and I still have 8 weeks left! This is probably the last pic of myself I will be posting for a looooong time. :)
Eating a s'more at sunset

a lot more pics and stories to come when I have the time!