Sunday, May 29, 2011

rest in peace Grandpa Cy

Grandpa Cy passed away last night. He was just 1 month short of 100 years old. Patrick, Cy and I were lucky enough to visit him on his last day. He opened his eyes and stared at us for a while. He tried to speak a bit to us. I definitely felt like he knew we were there and I will always cherish those last moments. We are probably heading up to the cottage for a bit where we will be surrounded by memories of him. Funeral is Saturday in Milwaukee. Burial is Monday. Rest in peace Grandpa Cy.

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Mandy said...

Hi Jill, Patrick and Cy... love to your family. My dear grandpa Ab passed away today. Not quite 100, but a few months shy of 90. Its amazing what the pillars of a family hold up. Best thoughts to you all, Mandy and family.