Friday, May 13, 2011

mid May already!!

"Nynn" and "Fishpa" came up for a week. Fishpa put together that big climbing dome you see in the background. It was his b-day gift from them. Cy has already made it to the top on his own (with a spotter of course!)
Cy's little seeds have really grown! He is growing a tomato, an eggplant, a sweet pepper and sweet pea flower plants.

Somebody turned three!

We celebrated Mother's Day and Cy's birthday on Sunday. The Emmer's (Tim, Jim and Nan) came over for brunch and cake!

My favorite cake-eating pic of the year. Note the foodmonger locked away & salivating in the background.

That night Cy told me that his favorite part of the day was "opening presents." Big shocker.

Cy chose to go to the Aquarium on his actual birthday.

And then the toy store!!

I wish I had a better pic but here is a self pic of the baby belly. Sorry I am unshowered and in sweats but hey, that's reality. It's pretty much what I live in & look like these days. I am 28 weeks. The baby is about three pounds and a foot and a half long. Third trimester! And I am tired. Someone told me when I was pregnant with Cy that I have the energy of a "regular" person when I am pregnant instead of my usual hyperactive self. If this is how a "regular" person feels, then I can see why most of america is fat and watches hours of tv! :) Basically anytime I can, I sleep. I cannot even fathom the old me who would wake up and want to run 8 miles. Someday it'll come back, right? I hope so! Other than being tired I feel pretty good so I am grateful for that! We have our next ultrasound on Wednesday. I still have not been allowed to be active, exercise or travel. I am hoping that this ultrasound shows all good things & we get the green light to go to the cottage and perhaps on a walk or two. (At this point who wants to exercise anyways?!)

On Wednesday Cy had his school's graduation. Next fall he starts at the preschool down the hall. It was his last day with the beloved Ms Kathy. Oh how we loved her! Talk about a lady who has energy! She is so great with the kids it's hard to believe she is also caring for 4 of her own!

Cy being called up to cross over the graduation bridge. He had on a paper graduation cap!

Cheese n crackers and one of his favorite bday gifts: Buzz Lightyear (from Uncle Mike!) Oh and I just want to say thank you to all the relatives that sent Cy birthday gifts!! It was very thoughtful and he loves all the gifts! Games, clothes and a tent! Lucky little three year old! Thank you!

Poor Patrick sitting out in the rain at 8pm drilling together Cy's little playhouse. They next night they were both out there in rain gear putting the roof on.

Our kid loves puddles!! We'll talk to you next week - after the ultrasound! xoxoxo

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