Thursday, April 7, 2011

spring (uterus) cleaning

Cy and his friend Marin at a nature center. Marin's dad is Patrick's "play date" friend. They meet and do occasional adventures with the little ones. Too funny! Seriously CUTE Little Baby Emmer

Hi! don't have much time to post. We are on our way out the door to Uptown to hand over the garage door opener and keys to the condo. We forgot to bring them to today's closing! oops! But yeah - everything went great this week!!!! Closed on the condo this morning with no surprises. We are officially a one-house family! YAY!!! We had an ultrasound yesterday & the baby looks great. Still measuring a few days ahead. The blood in the baby's bowels is no longer detectable which was a HUGE sigh of relief! My bleed appears to be flattening & breaking down & on it's way out!! It had decreased in volume. Oh the ups and downs of the Baby Emmer Rollercoaster! Well, this is a major "up" and I walked out of there with a big fat smile on my face! The doctor seemed pretty confident that everything is going to turn out just fine since the bleed is decreasing and not increasing! Big news too -- he gave me hope that we will be able to go to the cottage sometime early this summer!! I am going to continue to "take it easy" til the next ultrasound which is in 6 weeks just to be on the safe side. At that point I will know for sure if a trip to the cottage would be ok!
And finally, just want to say that Cy is kicking booty and taking names in the potty department. He is all about the undies these days. He wears a diaper when he sleeps and THAT IS IT!!! Most of the time the diaper is dry when he wakes up but I am not quite ready to take that leap yet! Yay Cy! Next week: 24 weeks = viability!!

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