Friday, April 22, 2011


No pictures this week. One week ago Cy woke up before sunrise puking in his bed. That was followed by several days of chills, diarrhea, etc. I thought he ate a dead animal. Then Patrick got it & had to miss work for the first time ever. Then I got it. BRUTAL.

I told my friend Joanna last night that I feel like I've been on vacation all week. Not in the "relaxing" sense but in the sense that I have pretty much had no contact with the outside world in a week. Time stopped. Everything stopped except the gentle flushing of the toilet which could be heard far too often.

Hopefully we will all be cleaned up, good smelling, nicely dressed and with healthy appetites by Easter.

Anyone want to come over and share a lollipop? :)
I promise not to ever complain about silly little pregnancy symptoms again. (well, at least for like a week!)

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