Thursday, April 28, 2011

ok, we are all happy & healthy again! whew!

6am Easter basket opening & chocolate eating!
Later on Easter, brunch at Nana & Boppa's house.

He found his basket! Lots of goodies!

Cy & Uncle Tim


Cy's bday party. His birthday isn't until May 9th. He will turn three. Next week his dad will be out of town, his grandparents will be in town, his "best" friend Campbell will have a baby sister being delivered and a few other friends will be on vacation so we threw him a little early bday party at the good ole bowling alley. Good thing we did it inside too. It was snow/raining that day!

Nice, calm kids before cupcakes!

Chocolate cupcakes with bowling balls/pins on them

Reier, Ella & Nora

Cy & Reier. Silliness starting. Cupcakes starting to kick in.

Nora & Ella - cupcakes have fully taken effect.

Ella tackling Cy with Campbell's help. What bowling?

Opening gifts. The Playdough hamburger maker! Cy is estatic!

Later that night, making burgers at home.

Jackson, wishing the burgers were real and he was eating one.

Our 7am indoor gardening project this morning. Another rainy day!

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