Monday, March 7, 2011

rebirth: DENIED but healthy baby!

Here he is! This is his profile. He's on his back. You can see his nose and mouth. If you look above his face profile, you will see his leg! His knee is just above his mouth. He's doing a sort of pike in this pic!

First off. The baby looks great. It is a BOY!! It was mesmerizing to watch him move around, flip, yawn and more. This was a level two ultrasound and they went over EVERYTHING. Each chamber of the brain, the measurement of each bone, each system in the body, etc. And, we have a healthy baby boy all right.

And now for the not-as-great news: That EFFING SCH is still there!!!!!
I am eternally grateful for a healthy baby. But I'm also angry and sad. Probably not a good time to be blogging.
The effing SCH either went away and came back or it was there the whole time and the last tech missed it. Who knows. They don't. We never will. I know what it does mean though: It means more ultrasounds, back to "rest" mode and, frankly, back to living under the SCH thunder cloud.
That's all I am going to write for now. I'll come back on here when I acquire a positive attitude. Today I am pissed.

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