Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our friend Adrienne and her new pup Clover came over. Clover is part Giant Schnauzer, part Airedale Terrior and part Rottweiler. She is going to be HUGE someday! For now she's about Cy's size. A perfect playmate! She is just three months old.
Another day in the mud. This kid loves his new backyard!
A dad, his son and his machine Bowling with Campbell. We've been there twice this week with them! They have a special Mon-Fri that's $5 mom & child bowling for 2 hours. SUPER kid friendly. 6 pound balls, a ramp for the boys to send their ball down the lane, bumpers in the gutters, kid food menu and cozy couches for the mamas. We mostly just sit & watch. No running/chasing after kid necessary. And for me, no lifting!
Cy putting his ball on the launch ramp. It works great. He even got a strike once last week!

This weekend Cy is staying at the Emmer's & Patrick & I plan on doing the final unpacking/projects on the house. We also are going to dinner BOTH nights! Tomorrow we are going out with Molly & her hubby for her birthday and on Saturday Patrick & I are going on a date night. This is embarrassing but this is our first date since his bday on Dec 30th!! I just hope I have the energy! I definitely plan on sneaking a nap in. We've been chugging along just fine. I am totally and completely exhausted all the time. Like wake-up-and-want-to-go-right-back-to-bed kind of tired but I am NOT complaining. At least I am still preggo and healthy! :) Our ultrasound is next week -- and so is our condo closing!!! I'll update on both in a week!

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