Thursday, March 24, 2011

No news is good news

Helping mama make turkey meatloaf
Ice cream cone @ Ikea

Step stool system to get in the car

Dinner by candlelight - the night the power went out.

The absolute BOMB rain gear.

HI! Not much to report here. Which is good, right!? Just chugging along, walking the line between "resting" and not going crazy!
The weather has been playing a major role in our lives this week. First it was fantastic and we threw Cy in his new one-piece rain suit and took him outdoors. He plays for HOURS out there. He loves to play in the water and puddles and mud. He pours water from one bucket to another and then back again, mixes in some mud, makes some "soup" and just loves it. That new little one-piece rain suit is amazing. If you are the parent of a toddler and don't mind dressing your kid like a total dork, I highly recommend it! He wears his regular coat underneath & comes back into the house, after hours of mud playing, completely dry! Now we just need one for Jackson!
After that the weather went bad. High winds & pouring rain turned a regular night into a night of candlelight when the power was out the entire evening. It came back just in time for Cy's bedtime.
And then we had this blessed snowstorm. I think we got about 6 inches. So Cy was back in his snowsuit & he & Patrick spent all night last night digging out the driveway & the cars.
My next ultrasound is in a couple of weeks & we should at least get another glimpse of the SCH... but really, as long as nothing traumatic is happening, I think this is just going to be our "new" way of life for the next 4+ months... Did I tell you that I already have a c-section scheduled? I can't remember. Well I do. It's scheduled for 8:30am on Friday, July 29th.
Cy continues to talk about his baby brother & it is incredibly sweet. He will occasionally decide to come over & give him a kiss (on my belly.) He likes to talk about all the different things he is going to do with him. Oh, and he calls him Wally! He really really wants us to name him Wally.

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