Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our friend Adrienne and her new pup Clover came over. Clover is part Giant Schnauzer, part Airedale Terrior and part Rottweiler. She is going to be HUGE someday! For now she's about Cy's size. A perfect playmate! She is just three months old.
Another day in the mud. This kid loves his new backyard!
A dad, his son and his machine Bowling with Campbell. We've been there twice this week with them! They have a special Mon-Fri that's $5 mom & child bowling for 2 hours. SUPER kid friendly. 6 pound balls, a ramp for the boys to send their ball down the lane, bumpers in the gutters, kid food menu and cozy couches for the mamas. We mostly just sit & watch. No running/chasing after kid necessary. And for me, no lifting!
Cy putting his ball on the launch ramp. It works great. He even got a strike once last week!

This weekend Cy is staying at the Emmer's & Patrick & I plan on doing the final unpacking/projects on the house. We also are going to dinner BOTH nights! Tomorrow we are going out with Molly & her hubby for her birthday and on Saturday Patrick & I are going on a date night. This is embarrassing but this is our first date since his bday on Dec 30th!! I just hope I have the energy! I definitely plan on sneaking a nap in. We've been chugging along just fine. I am totally and completely exhausted all the time. Like wake-up-and-want-to-go-right-back-to-bed kind of tired but I am NOT complaining. At least I am still preggo and healthy! :) Our ultrasound is next week -- and so is our condo closing!!! I'll update on both in a week!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

No news is good news

Helping mama make turkey meatloaf
Ice cream cone @ Ikea

Step stool system to get in the car

Dinner by candlelight - the night the power went out.

The absolute BOMB rain gear.

HI! Not much to report here. Which is good, right!? Just chugging along, walking the line between "resting" and not going crazy!
The weather has been playing a major role in our lives this week. First it was fantastic and we threw Cy in his new one-piece rain suit and took him outdoors. He plays for HOURS out there. He loves to play in the water and puddles and mud. He pours water from one bucket to another and then back again, mixes in some mud, makes some "soup" and just loves it. That new little one-piece rain suit is amazing. If you are the parent of a toddler and don't mind dressing your kid like a total dork, I highly recommend it! He wears his regular coat underneath & comes back into the house, after hours of mud playing, completely dry! Now we just need one for Jackson!
After that the weather went bad. High winds & pouring rain turned a regular night into a night of candlelight when the power was out the entire evening. It came back just in time for Cy's bedtime.
And then we had this blessed snowstorm. I think we got about 6 inches. So Cy was back in his snowsuit & he & Patrick spent all night last night digging out the driveway & the cars.
My next ultrasound is in a couple of weeks & we should at least get another glimpse of the SCH... but really, as long as nothing traumatic is happening, I think this is just going to be our "new" way of life for the next 4+ months... Did I tell you that I already have a c-section scheduled? I can't remember. Well I do. It's scheduled for 8:30am on Friday, July 29th.
Cy continues to talk about his baby brother & it is incredibly sweet. He will occasionally decide to come over & give him a kiss (on my belly.) He likes to talk about all the different things he is going to do with him. Oh, and he calls him Wally! He really really wants us to name him Wally.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Living the high risk high life

We finally told him! He was incredibly excited, asking "where will the baby eat? We have chocolate milk for him!" He also told us that his little brother could use his old bed and his baby toys and "he can sleep in my room with me if he wants." It was all very sweet. Now whenever I eat (which is pretty much all the time) he says that his baby brother is catching all the food.
Dan and Jacy came over for dinner last week. Jacy, who regularly cuts Cy's hair at her studio, gave him a trim in our kitchen. She has magic hands.
Cy's best furry friend
"Cow" by Cy. He just scratched this out on his own & handed it to me. I was pretty impressed. He LOVES to color and draw.
Our big news for the day is that Cy has gone a full 24 hours (including overnight) without one wet/dirty diaper! I think he is potty training himself. Hallelujah!
Since we got the news about the SCH I have been taking it easy and trying to improve my attitude. I felt hit pretty hard last week. I was a bitter, depressed girl for a few days. Grrrrr. Since we don't know if this is a new bleed, which would be considered "riskier," or the old bleed I am trying to take it as easy as possible for the next few weeks.
After that it is back to living by my doctor's original orders: "Don't lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk. When you can sit instead of stand, sit. When you can lay instead of sit, lay." But hey, I'm human and odds are that this thing (since it is now a "second trimester occurrence") is likely to stick around all the way to the end and there is just no way I can lay around or have constant help until then. So we have purchased more step-stools than you could ever have imagined.. a whole step stool system for getting Cy in & out of my car, one in the kitchen, both bathrooms, one to get on the bed. Virtually no lifting for me. We've also programmed the DVR to record lots of PBS kids. I've signed up Cy for some classes/camps this summer that he will do without mommy.
Here's the thing I've learned about SCH's. No one has a clue. It seems to me (from what I have read) that bed rest will not help some SCH's but for other SCH's it makes all the difference. Wish I could know which one I have. It also seems like it is impossible to predict anything: how long will it stay and what it will do (bleed out? reabsorb? stay?) The odds are in my favor that everything will be fine. Nevertheless, I have read that SCH's that appear in second tri are much more likely to stick around for a long time. They irritate the uterus. Sometimes they cause the uterus to contract or water to break therefore causing early labor. Early labor is my biggest fear (nxt to stillbirth of course but I can't even think about that.) I am just about 20 weeks. 24 weeks is considered "viability." After that the milestones just continue. So here's to 24 weeks!! And, just so you know, I believe in my gut (or should I say womb?) that we will make it all the way to the late 30's. I just need some closer milestones so time doesn't DRAG. I also look forward to 24 weeks as a point when I can breathe a little easier and feel the level of risk decrease a bit!
One more sweet thing to note... Patrick had his hand on my belly last week and felt the little guy kick for the first time! It was within a day of when our "August" baby would have been born. I'm pretty sure the little guy in my belly was telling us everything is going to be ok. :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

rebirth: DENIED but healthy baby!

Here he is! This is his profile. He's on his back. You can see his nose and mouth. If you look above his face profile, you will see his leg! His knee is just above his mouth. He's doing a sort of pike in this pic!

First off. The baby looks great. It is a BOY!! It was mesmerizing to watch him move around, flip, yawn and more. This was a level two ultrasound and they went over EVERYTHING. Each chamber of the brain, the measurement of each bone, each system in the body, etc. And, we have a healthy baby boy all right.

And now for the not-as-great news: That EFFING SCH is still there!!!!!
I am eternally grateful for a healthy baby. But I'm also angry and sad. Probably not a good time to be blogging.
The effing SCH either went away and came back or it was there the whole time and the last tech missed it. Who knows. They don't. We never will. I know what it does mean though: It means more ultrasounds, back to "rest" mode and, frankly, back to living under the SCH thunder cloud.
That's all I am going to write for now. I'll come back on here when I acquire a positive attitude. Today I am pissed.