Monday, February 28, 2011


Seriously. I feel like I am experiencing a rebirth. I am back in action. Off bed rest. Not living in SCH fear. No more secrets! Back to music class, play dates, playing outside, dinner with friends and life! Got the green light to exercise. And, best of all, waking up in a new sunshiney, happy house.
I had such a great response to my last post - an outpouring of friends/family all writing encouraging comments and sending love. I don't usually look at this site's stats but this past week my site had over 150 unique visitors! That's a lot of people reading our story. Crazy. Patrick and I sent out an email to not even a fifth that many people. We feel very loved. And blessed of course. Thank you to all who responded.
Onto our big move:

Cy saying goodbye to the ole condo

Helping us pack & get ready for moving. His "moving truck."

The new house on move-in day! It is a rental. We signed a year lease. As long as we like it - we hope to stay a lot longer than that!

Jackson on move-in day

Cy ready to go play out in his new yard

Jackson out in the new yard

My parents came up and stayed with us for about a week. They did soooo much. They started working when they woke up and worked all the way til Cy's bedtime. It was exhausting. This is one of the more incredible things McGuiver (my dad) did. The queen boxspring wouldn't fit through the stairs down to the guest room. I found online directions on how to split the boxspring, move it and then put it back together. Sure enough he did it and it worked perfectly!

The beginnings of Cy's playroom

The living room. Coming along slowly but surely.

The view out the sunroom (possibly future nursery?) to the backyard. Cy calls it the "cold room" because we have the vent shut and the french doors to the room shut.

Our bedroom. Also a work in progress.
So a week from today (Monday) will be our big ultrasound. The one that takes an hour. They make sure everything looks good. It's usually the last ultrasound you get. And it's where they let us know the sex (like I said before though - they were 90% sure it is a boy.) After that we are going to tell Cy that he is going to be a big brother!
See you in a week with a full report!

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