Thursday, December 22, 2011

Good Morning!

And ahhh what a good morning it is!! Our little Arlo is sleeping again!!!! He's doing great. Last night he slept from 8:30pm-10:30pm, 11pm-4am and 4:30am - 8am!! I consider that only one wake up in the whole night!! Yippeee!! Maybe he was tired out from his big day yesterday! I took the boys downtown to the Macy's "Day in the Life of an Elf" display and to meet Santa! We met our friends Julie, Hailey & Mason down there. Watching Cy with Santa was the BEST. It was seriously precious. He was so excited! He climbed right up on his lap. Told him he wanted a picture of Santa for Christmas (see to see how I'm doing that!) And then he was very serious as he listened to Santa whisper in his ear for a looong time. He did a lot of head nodding and took every word to heart. I nearly cried watching it. No idea what Santa told him... but he sure was a sweet Santa!

We've been running around going to a birthday party, play dates, ski lessons, and of course Christmas celebrations! The holidays are so fun this year! And if this sleep thing continues... we will be cruising in to 2012 with big smiles and no bags under our eyes!! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!

 Arlo driving us around, getting some Christmas shopping done
 Cy's school holiday get-together
 Cy taking a rest at ski lessons with a plethora of polar bears
 Cy and his sweet teachers
 Emmer family Christmas. This is the second of two meals that day!
A true feast and a wonderful family celebration.
 Cy and his friends bowling a Pinstripes. There's a group of 6 moms & kids that all still hang out. We met when the kids were babies. And now all the kids officially have a younger sibling!! Our group has really grown in the past year!
 Cy & Hailey taking in the Macy's display
 Macy's display
 We also had an amateur photographer come & take pics of the boys in their holiday/baptism outfits. She comes right to your house & let's you keep ALL the pics. Love her and love the pics!
 Arlo is wearing a simple Carter's onesie with a bow-tie and pretend vest sewn onto it. I got it off Love that site.

Happy holidays!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

a fun filled holiday season

Our little Santa

Our 2011 Christmas card picture. We ran a 5k for Halloween in these costumes. It all started because Cy wanted to be a reindeer....

 braving the single digit weather to get a tree
Cy, of course, wore his reindeer suit in hopes of seeing Santa at the tree lot

 Jackson celebrated his 11th birthday. He had a hot dog and some tenderloin. We sang to him and gave him a fat bone as a gift.
 St Nick came & Cy found all sorts of goodies in his bag
 On our way to a family Christmas party
 Arlo's baptism!! Tim & Mike are the Godfathers

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A quiet and pretty week up at the cabin

For the week of Thanksgiving we headed up to the cabin this year.
There was snow when we first got up there!

 Patrick & I met our friends from MN and we went to Lambeau Field and caught the Packers vs Tampa game. Patrick & I stayed overnight in Green Bay. It was our first night away from both boys. The boys did great.  

 The twins Jacob & Joseph were the apples of Cy's eye. He adored playing with them and looked forward each day to seeing them. They were so sweet & played a lot with him. 

Grandma did a lot of baking & helping with the boys & Fishpa went hunting & did some Arlo-carrying on his part too!

 Several days into the trip the snow melted and Cy cruised around in his Jeep.

 Here's a pic of Grandpa's new porch for those of you who come up! It looks awesome!
 Sara did a lot of baby carrying too. And Jeff always had a dollar in his hand to surprise Cy with.
 Uncle Jim did some hunting and cooking for the family too!
 Cy & I had fun messing with Fishpa when he was sleeping. That man can sleep anywhere!
It was just sooo pretty out.  I took picture after picture. Jim & Carol are out walking in this one.

 Abbie went in the almost frozen lake!
 A peaceful moment with Grandma Lynn.
 The lake was so still because it was nearly frozen. Some days we'd wake up and there'd be ice on it & somedays the ice would be gone.
 Love that Cy played with his sand toys in snow!
 Arlo took a few fresh outdoor naps

Cy loved having his Dada to play with him the whole week!! They did a yoga video with Grandma Lynn one day.

 And when we got home, we went to ski lessons! Cy loves them and so do I!! It feels so incredibly good to be outside with the ole planks on! Feels like home.

Boppa and Nana are back to helping out as usual. Boppa sometimes brings Cy to & from school so mama can catch up on sleep/shower/whatever. Thanks Boppa! And Nana watches Arlo once a week for a few hours so Cy & I can go to ski lessons! We are lucky to have great families!! 

We are presently battling some illnesses and a sleep-less baby who was just put on antibiotics today so I do not have much time to write (or sleep. or shower. or do anything! :) but I wanted to post these pics from our wonderful week up at the cabin. Coming up this month: a plethora of parties, Arlo gets baptized, a photo shoot, a parade with Santa, a Les Miz date for Patrick & I and a trip home!! Hope that you are having a wonderful holiday season too my dear reader & I hope the next time I'm on here I will be writing about how the drugs worked for sweet Arlo & that we are all back to sleeping again! Amen!