Sunday, December 5, 2010

sometimes i take so many pictures that

choosing a few to make the blog can be daunting... esp as time slips by and we do more and more fun things and I have more and more pics and suddenly I am buried in a digital avalanche of what I consider to be uber-cute photos and oh don't forget videos too. so there you have it and here is what you are getting....

Cy looking at the pretty Thanksgiving table at the Emmer's house in Vic

I believe Uncle Drew was quite taken by Jackson (who came to the Emmer's for ThanksG.) He was spotted multiple times lying on the ground with him giving out ear rubs

Nana reading Cy a bedtime story. Both Patrick and Jackson came in to listen too. Can you spot Patrick's foot?

A day later, up north Wisco, Patrick takes carving into his own hands.

Cy wearing his new Hawaiian shirt that Lynn and Fishpa picked up for him while they were in Hawaii visiting Uncle Mike

Once again, Cy & Jackson settle in to hear a grandma read a story. This time Grandma Lynn.

Going out to play in the snow with Fishpa while Mama and Dada sit on the couch and plow through trashy magazines (mom) and the sports pages (dad.)

Creatively using sand toys to make a snowman.

Another trip to the cabin, another family shot.

I think he looks like he is in that movie where the kid's tongue gets stuck to the pole (if it weren't for the color tv with the Packers on)

Gonna go get me family a good tree there.

Jackson's 10th bday. Celebrated at a tree farm (and then we had the neighbor & her pug over for a "party" at night)

This is what it looks like when mama kicks snow on her kid. (He is smiling by the way.)

I just love love love this pic. Already ordered it to frame.

And, they found our tree!!

Hayride with Mary (Jonny & Kate's little girl. Jonny is working at this tree farm!)

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