Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween and recent pics

I took so many pics of our fun Halloween day & night that I am just going to post a little slideshow here. We ran a 5k as a family (Jackson too) in the morning in our costumes. It was so fun. The weather was great and there were thousands of people out running in costumes. Cy gawked at all the costumes the whole run. There were two trick or treat stops on the run too! Then after nap we went to a party. It was at our friends Stevie & Drea's house. It was their daughter's one year old birthday/halloween party. Nana and Boppa (the clown) showed up and had fun with us too. Then they took Cy home with them so Patrick & I could stay up late with the grown ups. There are a couple of Trick or Treat pics at the end. I especially like the one of Cy sorting his candy on his little table while trying to fend off Jackson.

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