Saturday, October 2, 2010

birthdays and beautiful fall days

Cy showing me what he wants to eat. Pulling out of the pantry: peanut butter, chocolate chips, hot chocolate, sprinkles, honey and dried fruit. Looks like someone likes sugar!

Our little artist. multi-media

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Ella's third birthday party. She is the blondie in blue. Cy brought his hot dog in for the pic. He is the youngest of the group.
but his mama is certainly not the youngest of the mamas.
they all started the party in costumes... but it didn't last long! Esp for the boys. It was a beautiful, very very very warm fall day.
Speaking of young, Annie, Cy's Godmother, turned 30!
Cy friend Marley's second birthday party. More cake! Marley isn't in this pic, but her older sister is. Next week: music, school and a weekend at Nana and Boppa's house.

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