Thursday, September 2, 2010

we are back... for a while!

Another day, another boat ride harmonica song...
Jon, Auntie Carol and Fishpa waiting for dinner, telling funny jokes.

Rainy day brownie and milk session - Megan and Cy

Future babysitter Eleanor reading books to Cy

Busy toddler at "work"

Fishpa doing what he knows best. Teaching littles to fish

Emmer and Pocket Emmer

Megan caught a fish!
No matter how cold.. Cy could spend hours in the water!

Great Grandpa Cy and Uncle Jim

Back home, helping "Mommy" pack. He picked that up from Megan & Eleanor & now he calls me "Mommy."

So we are back from our 10 days vacation at the lake and then a 5 day Patrick and Jill get-away to Jackson, WY. Our friend Jono got married out there. I have lots and lots of pictures. I'm going to post the ole cabin pix first. Since it's 65 degrees out right now I already feel nostalgic for the summer! Boy that went fast!

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Jennifer said...

Mommy? No more "Mama-hon"?!
I LOVED that!