Wednesday, September 22, 2010

some before and afters

This morning. Cy's "first day of school" photos. He started "school" today. He goes to a little lutheran church's preschool once a week for 2 hours. Really one of his first times being in a "stranger's" care since the ole gym day care never really panned out (It was like a year ago and I was paged because he was screaming about 4 different times and then gave up.)

It really is like school too. They have a hook with his name on it. They all bring special school bags and they have a little schedule they stick to: Free play. Story. Songs. Art. Gym. Snack. He told me they sang the "Jesus" song we sometimes sing at bedtime. (Jesus Loves Me)

After school! He did great. I think he really liked it. He told me all about the fun things he did. He didn't cry at all. He got a big sticker he was proud of. And he told me that there were a few boys there. One was "naughty" because he pushed him! Cy said he told that boy "No, No!" and so did his teacher Miss Kathy! I was totally fine with that. He needs to start to learn right/wrong and when to tell someone no. I think that other little boy has older bro's and is used to pushing a bit to stay in the game! :)

And, even though I said "stranger care," it really isn't because Miss Kathy is Cy's beloved teacher from music class. We've been going to her class since he was 4 months old. We still go to her music class together on Mondays at the same church as "school."

Down in Wisco we went to "Wagfest" with my parents. Here, Jackson enjoys his second "Puptini." Lush!

Cy loves corn. He loves to eat it like a savage. Just like his dada.

This is the "before" pic of Cy getting his face painted. He wanted to be a clown.

"After" picture #1

"After" pic number 2.
And this is the "super-after" picture number 3. He could hardly keep his eyes open. Face paint was schmeared all over the stroller, my jacket, patrick's pants and my mom. But, he had a great time!

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