Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day weekend fun

Well the Emmer's sure had a fun filled Labor Day weekend. We went on an uptown patio pub crawl with Cy in tow. Here we are at Abilene.

Cy checking out the digs at the new "Cafeteria" restaurant's rooftop. Shortly after this picture was taken he told me "Mamahun, I have poop!" So we headed to their main bathroom only to find that Uptown's trendiest new bar/restaurant doesn't have changing tables. So little Cy bared all on the bathroom floor (I told him we were "urban camping" - this was after a couple of beers mind you) and changed him while all the hipsters walked by in their mini-dresses and over-the-knee boots.

Cy and his mamahun with the skyline behind us. Last stop on the crawl.
Bedtime for all three of us!
Patrick started off Labor Day on the right foot... a footlong hotdog at 10am at the MN State Fair

State Fair's poultry tent

Eatin' more junk. Katie, this pic is for you. Cy is eating a "frickle." Two pickles, cream cheese schmeared inbetween, breaded and then fried. Oh, then you dip them in ranch to eat. Katie swore by these - and she was right! My fav snack at the fair. A day hasn't gone by since when I haven't wanted another one. Kinda like a pickley won ton but beer battered.

It was pure joy to discover that our boy LOVES rides!!! yay! Just like his mama and exact opposite of his dada. Once discovered, there was no stopping him!

This one had a bar that you push/pull to go up and down. Cy had the controls and rocked our bee. I bet that bee had his best work out of the whole fair with us. Up. Down. Up. Down. I heard parents snickering on the sideline. I think they felt bad for me like I was going to get sick. But hellno. I LOVED it! That's my boy!

Sky ride (gondola) In my opinion, the scariest ride of the whole fair. Old. high. slow. yuck. Cy LOVED it.

Patrick n Cy on the ship ride. Patrick looked ill and miserable and tried hard to make it seem fun. And Cy legitimately had fun (for the most part)

He asked me to ride in the back seat of another dune buggy thingy he was fake driving. When I got in, I asked him "where are we going?" He told me we were going to Starbucks for a hot coffee. Gotta love a little urban baby on a dune buggy!

Cy at the zoo a few days later

Cy n Campbell in a Woolly Mammoth ribcage
See below for pics from Jill n Patrick's Jackson trip!

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Jennifer said...

ok, now I am dying to eat a Frickle! Genius. We don't have Fair Foods out here. Ah, the midwest.