Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A little photo shoot and other random moments

Me in front of a very large wall of books at the U of M Alumni center (our friends Mike & Sarah got married there. It was really quite pretty AND since he is the head chef of one of the Twin Cities' top restaurants, the food was AMAZING)

Kaha, Adrienne & I

Impromptu post nap jammie photo-shoot:

He has his father's eyelashes

And his electric blue eyes!

Went to see Thomas the Train in the 95 degree weather. Swealtering that morning. We were supposed to go with our friends Molly & Campbell & (his dad) Dan but poor Campbell got sick. (It was pretty severe and Cy was very lucky not to catch it as we had just gone to the beach with them the day before! Whew!)

First ever train ride. Loved it.

Thank God it was air conditioned!!

Cy and woof going through the car wash. He held onto Baby tight to make sure she didn't get scared.

Hi Everyone. All is well here. We are just trucking along. Cy is as busy as ever. A little bit of a daredevil I must say. Always climbing up an extra step or two higher than what is safe... always standing on something wobbly.. Basically always giving me a heart attack!

The other cool thing that has really surfaced here is that he LOVES to do art! Sit him down in front of a blank paper with some paint and he will be enthralled. We take art once a week. Last week we painted a bird house! He is very careful in his projects. Slowly painting to make sure all the white space is covered. Begging to do more. It truly is a lot of fun.

Cy now talks in full sentences. Some of the words are hard to distinguish (he says "ben" for "bed" - hasn't really mastered the "d's" yet) but he will loop a good 6-10 words in a row. It's crazy to see how far he has come in the past few months. He understands absolutely everything, including talking about the future. "How many more days til lake?" he will ask. I have to admit sometimes (like when I am lost and driving us in the car or at 6 in the morning) I miss the quiet period. Long gone. :)

Although we aren't potty training yet - he has begun to show an interest. Today we had a #1 and a #2 in the toliet. He simply asks to go on the toliet so I throw him on it. I'm not attempting potty training til the dog days of summer (and my 4 1/2 hour solo parent drives to the cabin) are over! Sidenote: as I write this I can smell a really stinky diaper... we still have a looooong way to go!

Once again we are gearing up for a week at the lake! Really looking forward to it! So if you don't here from us for a bit - it's because we are enjoying every last bit of this summer!!!

xoxoxo jill n cy

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