Tuesday, July 13, 2010

return from Up North for the Fouth

Lynn and Dick out for a canoe ride
Patrick got so hot he laid in the kiddie pool! Cy was on him immediately.

Jim and Grandpa Cy walking over to our place for dinner

Cy and his cousins Megan and Eleanor who live in Greece!

family shot

Cousin Jens, Jeff and baby Finn made the trip all the way from Whidbey Island, Washington!

Mac n cheese and hot dogs at the beach. Same meal, same spot I used 30 years ago.

The kids on a treasure hunt! Cy holds hands to cross the road.

A clue in the old outhouse!

Cy with his cousin baby Finn show off their similar fashion sense.

The two Cy's chillin'

Waving to a passerby with Grandma "Nynn"

Driving the boat on Fishpa's lap. Blasting the horn and waking up the whole lake!

more and more freckles every day.

Back home! Playdate!

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