Wednesday, July 21, 2010

budding photographer

Cy found my old camera. He took it out, turned it on and has been running around taking pictures for the past few days. It's pretty funny. A lot of finger shots.
I figure I'd let him do the honors this week and show you his world.
So shots by Cy, Age 2:

Mama changing my diaper

Some of my favorite books

Mama's jewelry drawer (I love to raid!)

My dog Woof


The view from under my desk where I sit frequently. I call it my "fort." That's my foot in red on the right.

My new toddler bed with a railing so I don't fall out. That's Puppy lying in the bed. He always sleeps with me. So far I have been a pretty good boy sleeping in my new bed! I crawled out of the crib over the Fourth of July up at the cabin & that was the last time I ever got to sleep in it!

Mama Facebooking or doing something on the computer. This is when I usually can get into lots of trouble - like writing on the carpet with chalk... or just making a huge mess. I swear she has eyes in the back of her head though because she is always telling me "no" just when I am about to do something really naughty!

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Jennifer said...

I love these pictures. It's a whole different what's important to him!