Wednesday, June 16, 2010

finally got some more up!!!!

I've been trying for days to get pictures up and our internet has been awful. we might just have to bite the bullet and order the internet back to our house.... we have been putting it off, thinking it'd be a waste if we paid for installation and then sold the place.

We have been having a jam packed, terrific summer! We went to the lake for 10 days over Memorial Day. We had my parents and brother up visitng for a week. Patrick went fishing up in northern MN with the boys for a weekend. I went to the Dells for a bachelorette weekend last weekend.. and now we are packing up camp to go to a cabin with two other couples and their tots!! I'd love to share pictures! I will keep trying.
In the meantime, I should tell you that Cy now speaks in short little sentences! "Out to eat fun!" "Sloane cute baby!" He can pretty much full comunicate now... oh and he is going through a bit of a shy-clingy phase. He smiles then squirms to turn away when a pretty girl (adult!) talks to him! Waitresses and my girlfriends make him blush! And he doesn't want to let Patrick and/or I out of his sight... but that might be because one of us has been gone so much that he never knows who's coming/going! Patrick's been traveling a bit more for work lately and when you add that to our cabin weekends -- it seems there's just one parent here a lot!
speaking of which -- i've gotta shower and pack while cy asleep -- i'm single momming-it til tomorrow afternoon!!

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