Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy 99th birthday Grandpa Cy

Grandpa Cy turned 99 on Monday!! Still going to work every day! Amazing!! See you in a few days up north!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A weekend with Nana and Boppa

checking out tadpoles with nana at the arb
he caught 6, then let them go!

swinging with boppa

playing with girls

Nana and Boppa -you are sooooo busted! When he got home, Cy immediately (and proudly) told me that Nana gives him cookies and Boppa gives him candy!! :) Looks like he had a terrific time. Thank you for these pictures!Add Image

Monday, June 21, 2010


Sunset at Ludlows
Soren feeds Cy a chip on the pontoon ride. The toddlers loved the ride!

Cy n his mama-hun (what he calls me bcse he hears Patrick calling me hun!)

The Thelen's

Of course we all bought the same sweatshirts!

The Zuelke-McDonalds

Nora and I on the water bikes

baby monitors rigged up outside on the beach during naptime


Soren and Cy checking out the car-boat thingy as it roars to shore

Cy has become accustomed to long car rides (practically every weekend) and dinner in his car seat!

Keeping busy in the car while Minnesota is pummeled with tornados...

I can't even begin to describe how good it felt to be back up in northern MN on the little island where Patrick and I got married five years ago! It was amazing! And even more fun showing it to our little son! We had a terrific long weekend. Lots of playing in the sand, an evening pontoon ride, a teeny bit of fishing, some water biking, 18 holes for dada for father's day on a beautiful course and of course lots and lots of eating! We went with two other couples and their kids. Today Cy keeps saying "No home! Lake!" He wants to get outta here and go back! I don't blame him - I feel the same! Although it sure is nice to sleep in one's own bed!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

pouring rain escapee - waaay past bedtime

puddle shoes.AVI

some more went up!

Celebrating our birthdays (my dad and I) at a supper club

Cy trashing his pants and shoes in a rain gutter as it poured

Out to lunch with uncle mike back in mpls

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

finally got some more up!!!!

I've been trying for days to get pictures up and our internet has been awful. we might just have to bite the bullet and order the internet back to our house.... we have been putting it off, thinking it'd be a waste if we paid for installation and then sold the place.

We have been having a jam packed, terrific summer! We went to the lake for 10 days over Memorial Day. We had my parents and brother up visitng for a week. Patrick went fishing up in northern MN with the boys for a weekend. I went to the Dells for a bachelorette weekend last weekend.. and now we are packing up camp to go to a cabin with two other couples and their tots!! I'd love to share pictures! I will keep trying.
In the meantime, I should tell you that Cy now speaks in short little sentences! "Out to eat fun!" "Sloane cute baby!" He can pretty much full comunicate now... oh and he is going through a bit of a shy-clingy phase. He smiles then squirms to turn away when a pretty girl (adult!) talks to him! Waitresses and my girlfriends make him blush! And he doesn't want to let Patrick and/or I out of his sight... but that might be because one of us has been gone so much that he never knows who's coming/going! Patrick's been traveling a bit more for work lately and when you add that to our cabin weekends -- it seems there's just one parent here a lot!
speaking of which -- i've gotta shower and pack while cy asleep -- i'm single momming-it til tomorrow afternoon!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

this is what i can get up online so far....