Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is this really happening?

Is it finally nice out and we are finally back outside again? Someone pinch me! What a strange feeling walking around outside in shorts and a tank top. I feel like Im naked. It's been too long! Ahhh glorious good weather! We are simply enjoying our time outside these days! Man it makes things sooo much easier! I don't know how we survived the winter! Lots and lots of classes. Oh, and the aquarium of course! We'll save that for a rainy day now.

The final celebration in Cy's birthday week. Uncle Tim was kind enough to host Cy's birthday party at his house. Nana and Boppa brought games and balloons. Cy had a blast!

Cy enjoying happy hour at a local establishment on one big bright beautiful evening after work. He likes chillin in Uptown in his aviator shades. Sayin hi to all the ladies.

Dada is in charge of dressing Cy = lil geek. Pants jacked up to his chin.

Patrick & I had a wedding this past weekend. Cy once again spent the night at Nana & Boppa's. This is me & my girlfriend Annie

On Monday we went to Reier and his mom Daisy's house for a playdate and lunch. It was so cute. The kids sat at their own table and had mac n cheese while..

The moms lunched on homemade salads, bread and lemonade at the grown-up sized picnic table. It was a beautiful day and it was great to be outside with friends! This Thursday the moms pictured here and I are going out for a mom's night out. We are going to see Daisy perform in a play in St Paul!

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