Wednesday, May 26, 2010

a little of this and that

Impromptu photo shoot at the dog groomer parking lot.

This is what happens when we have two showings and lots of errands. Happy meal at the park! Did you know you can get apples now instead of fries? But that kinda takes the fun outta going to McD's now doesn't it?! :) Notice little urban baby has some nice gang graffiti at his table! So cute! (Kidding!)
Uncle Tim took this pic a while back.

Collecting sticks and stuff with Uncle Mike

Art Class. Mask making. Think Mardi Gras.

well our kids vocab is just cooking. we are witnessing the cliche "soaking it in like a sponge" days. Man does he take things in. His father and I will be 20 feet away talking in quiet voices while he is playing in his mini kitchen and, waddya know, two seconds later he's over asking us about something we just said. He also just loves to show us how much he knows. "Dada yes, Mama no!" he will say as he points to a restaurant him and dada went to once -- without mama. He does this stuff ALL the time! It's crazy! Speaking of crazy, we are preparing for cabin season and we are crrrraaazy busy --so you might not hear from us for a while (think June) but we will be back -- and we will have lots of pictures and stories to share!! xoxoxo

Friday, May 21, 2010

love this pic of cy and campbell at the park today

They are so happy!
Oh and I like these two too:

Cy being Cy

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is this really happening?

Is it finally nice out and we are finally back outside again? Someone pinch me! What a strange feeling walking around outside in shorts and a tank top. I feel like Im naked. It's been too long! Ahhh glorious good weather! We are simply enjoying our time outside these days! Man it makes things sooo much easier! I don't know how we survived the winter! Lots and lots of classes. Oh, and the aquarium of course! We'll save that for a rainy day now.

The final celebration in Cy's birthday week. Uncle Tim was kind enough to host Cy's birthday party at his house. Nana and Boppa brought games and balloons. Cy had a blast!

Cy enjoying happy hour at a local establishment on one big bright beautiful evening after work. He likes chillin in Uptown in his aviator shades. Sayin hi to all the ladies.

Dada is in charge of dressing Cy = lil geek. Pants jacked up to his chin.

Patrick & I had a wedding this past weekend. Cy once again spent the night at Nana & Boppa's. This is me & my girlfriend Annie

On Monday we went to Reier and his mom Daisy's house for a playdate and lunch. It was so cute. The kids sat at their own table and had mac n cheese while..

The moms lunched on homemade salads, bread and lemonade at the grown-up sized picnic table. It was a beautiful day and it was great to be outside with friends! This Thursday the moms pictured here and I are going out for a mom's night out. We are going to see Daisy perform in a play in St Paul!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

somebody turned two this week!

That's right people. Look out! I am TWO!!!!!

First we went out to Nynn and Fishpa's hotel and swam in their pool.

After that we went home for a nap. And then it was time for presents and cake.

I swear I had good intentions of keeping this very "low key" with only a few presents... but little by little they accumulated from friends, rellies and even Woof got Cy a book on puppies!

Cy enjoyed looking at all the labels and colors. This year though there was no messing around. No one had to tell him a thing. One by one he grabbed each bright box, brought it over to his little table and tore it to shreds. He played with each new thing for about 30 seconds before going over and getting a new box.

His new "Bug Expert" tee shirt from Nynn and Fishpa. Loves it.

And, of course, the part he had been waiting for!!! CAKE!!

Testing out his new hockey stick and puck. Hard foam. Brilliant! He loves it! Calls it "hock"

This is where we put Cy when he is naughty or when we are tired.

This was a week ago at the May Day festival at Powderhorn Park. There are belly dancers on stage behind Cy. The May Day festival is soooo goofy. Attracts "all sorts" as my dad would say.
A cool little trio on a trailer.

Just some people in top hats and petticoats. Near them was a circle of hippies smoking some funny smelling stuff! And behind them were some jugglers, a clown... the list of oddities goes on forever! Which, of course, is why we LOVE it. Wish it happened every weekend! Oh yes. This will also be the forever remembered as the site of Cy's first corndog which he ate in it's entirety ALMOST as fast as his dad ate his giant turkey leg.

Last day of music class :( So sad. We love that class! We've been going with the same kids since they were only a few months old. Cy couldn't even sit up when we started this class. It's done for the summer. Cy is right next to teacher Kathy behind the girl in pink. We already have playdates set with some of his friends for the summer...

Pretending to be mama in her running jacket

And I just want to say that I'm sorry I did not uphold my promise of posting at least once a week. I will try to do so in the future. I have to say though (in my defense) that we cancelled our high speed internet and now we just get sketchy City of Minneapolis WiFi which makes it take like 10000 hours to upload a picture... so it's totally discouraging. However, as soon as we sell this money-pit, er I mean condo, we will be back to the wonderful world of high speed. Until then... do me a favor and keep your fingers crossed that we move this joint!