Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cy's Easter

This is what Easter morning looked like at our house. All of Cy's friends had gathered around a special basket at his table!

Only a few short minutes later the room looked like this.

As a punishment for tearing our living room apart, we dressed him like a total dork (outfit look familiar?) and made him go to church. To be clear, church isn't a punishment for Cy. He considers church to be "the big pretty place with lots of kids where I get to play with the water fountain and have my mouth filled with snacks so I can't be loud."

Then we ate an enormous meal at the Emmer's house.

After we ate Cy discovered a card from the Easter Bunny. The card had a picture of a basket and said to go outside and look for it. Cy was immediately up to the task and organized a search party.

Soon thereafter he discovered a huge basket stuffed with toys, snacks and chocolate!

Not long after that we loaded ourselves up into the minivan and went home and simultaneously took a two hour nap! Whew! Fun day!!

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