Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So many good photos

Cy n Bapa at the Arboretum this weekend. Cy stayed the weekend at their house because Patrick and I had a wedding.

Cy n Nana.

With Soren at Patrick's softball game last night

Well Spring is definitely a great time for tons of good pictures and Lordy Lordy do I have a ton! If the computer wasn't sooo slow to upload each picture I'd put a lot more up. Nan sent me 20 some pictures from the Arb alone!
Anyways, all is well here. We are really enjoying the good weather and getting outside as often as possible. Lots of walks and jogs around the lakes. And lots and lots of condo showings. Four so far this week I think! Keep your fingers crossed for us!
On Friday Cy starts "Twoosy Doodlers" which is a multi-media art class for two year olds. He's taking it with a friend. Each week they get to make a project (with the help of their moms and teacher) created in a different media... oils, watercolors, pencils, etc. I would love to take a class like this myself! I think Cy is just going to love it. He makes a bee-line straight to the painting area every week when we go to school. I think the kid just loves playing dirty! I'll post some pics of his art sometime down the road.
Hope you all are well. Time to milk my mommy-time (Cy and his dad are at the Little Gym tonight) and go take a shower!

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