Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So many good photos

Cy n Bapa at the Arboretum this weekend. Cy stayed the weekend at their house because Patrick and I had a wedding.

Cy n Nana.

With Soren at Patrick's softball game last night

Well Spring is definitely a great time for tons of good pictures and Lordy Lordy do I have a ton! If the computer wasn't sooo slow to upload each picture I'd put a lot more up. Nan sent me 20 some pictures from the Arb alone!
Anyways, all is well here. We are really enjoying the good weather and getting outside as often as possible. Lots of walks and jogs around the lakes. And lots and lots of condo showings. Four so far this week I think! Keep your fingers crossed for us!
On Friday Cy starts "Twoosy Doodlers" which is a multi-media art class for two year olds. He's taking it with a friend. Each week they get to make a project (with the help of their moms and teacher) created in a different media... oils, watercolors, pencils, etc. I would love to take a class like this myself! I think Cy is just going to love it. He makes a bee-line straight to the painting area every week when we go to school. I think the kid just loves playing dirty! I'll post some pics of his art sometime down the road.
Hope you all are well. Time to milk my mommy-time (Cy and his dad are at the Little Gym tonight) and go take a shower!

Monday, April 26, 2010


The band at Chuck's wedding. Same band as our wedding! The groom is the guy on the guitar in the right corner.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

another day, another diaper

Cy burying his neighborhood friends Lola and Eve at our local park
Obsessed with saying prayers. We bribe him now (sorry God!) We say that we will do another prayer if he takes two more bites of food. Always works. Future priest?

Lunch date with Harlowe. Note the toliet paper "plates" bcse their mommies forgot to bring anything else.

Friday, April 16, 2010

go! go! go! the non-stop toddler.

This is our lil free-spirit's outfit choice of the day. He wore it to a restaurant that night.
He wanted me to take a picture with him and all his friends. This is when I decided we needed to get out more. These are your "friends?!"

Then, "Fishpa, Nynn, Momo and Jitz" came to visit.
You can see Nynn's knees sticking out from the side of the fort.

Triangle Park. Sliding with "Nynn"

The boys resting after a 3.5 mile walk that included a loop around Lake of the Isles.

Mall of America Underwater Adventures Aquarium
St Paul Children's Museum
Minnesota Zoo
MN Zoo (today!) Farm Babies exhibit

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cy's Easter

This is what Easter morning looked like at our house. All of Cy's friends had gathered around a special basket at his table!

Only a few short minutes later the room looked like this.

As a punishment for tearing our living room apart, we dressed him like a total dork (outfit look familiar?) and made him go to church. To be clear, church isn't a punishment for Cy. He considers church to be "the big pretty place with lots of kids where I get to play with the water fountain and have my mouth filled with snacks so I can't be loud."

Then we ate an enormous meal at the Emmer's house.

After we ate Cy discovered a card from the Easter Bunny. The card had a picture of a basket and said to go outside and look for it. Cy was immediately up to the task and organized a search party.

Soon thereafter he discovered a huge basket stuffed with toys, snacks and chocolate!

Not long after that we loaded ourselves up into the minivan and went home and simultaneously took a two hour nap! Whew! Fun day!!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Three little videos from the past few days... let's see if this works!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter fun

Yesterday it was rainy so we stayed inside and made Easter cupcakes. Cy calls them "Cups" Baby and Puppy were at the table to help.

We waited til Patrick came home to frost them.

Cy loved the activity, especially eating them.......

That is, until it was time to clean up!!

This was on a lovely 70 degree day. He insisted on wearing his hat and fleece (with a long-sleeved shirt underneath) all day!
Today we rode our bikes with Cy in our bike trailer -- the same trailer we used for skiing this winter. It was terrific! He loved it. We took him to a neighborhood Easter party with live bunnies, an egg hunt, balloons, face painting, etc. Our friend Katie met us there.

Jens, Cy will not stop wearing this hat you knit! Obsessed!

So we have a full fledged toddler on our hands. Mr Personality... happy happy happy sad sad sad... Most of the time the meltdowns go hand in hand with hunger or fatigue. Oh, and he is soooo bossy! No mama can't come upstairs with him and dada. No Woof can't sit under the table when he eats. He wants to go outside, but not in the stroller. He only wants to be in the stroller. And he has to have sunglasses on. Twice this week on 70 degree days he demanded wearing his fleece and knit hat inside ALL day.

Also along with the toddler stage comes a huge amount of fun! He loves to do so many more activities. He always begs to be outside (YAY!!!) We've been at the park almost every day this week. And, lots and lots of laughs. I laughed so hard I cried the other night when Cy made a big poo (almost grown up sized) while he was in the tub with Dada!! Wow. To think a week or two ago we were contemplating potty training! All I can say is bleach. Lots and lots of bleach.