Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Can't Believe We Made Him!

Cy has just gotten into pretending. He loves loves loves to pretend he is a dog. He and Jackson sit side by side and I give them each commands like sit, speak, high five, etc. They perform in unison. Another scene I must record on vid sometime soon! Here he is drinking out of his dog dish... don't worry Jackson isn't allowed to drink out of it! Today I had to put a leash on him and take him on a walk outside. Patrick is not thrilled about this new game but I LOVE it.

Early morning storytime.

About a week ago I was sitting on the floor next to the tub, giving the toddler his bath when he said "Poop!" He said it like he meant it. I asked if he wanted to try it on the toliet. He said yes & BAM we had a kid who just dropped his first little brownie into the toliet! I was sooo proud that I sent a pic to Patrick and all of our family! Since then, there's been a few more similar instances and everytime it leaves me speechless. Can't believe he wants to poo in the loo! So I bought a "poop chair" and some pull-ups and we aren't full fledgedly potty training... but we definitely aren't saying no when he asks to go!
The other classic phenomenon is "Cy lingo." He likes to show us how smart he is by putting "two-and-two" together and usually it's pretty darn funny. For example, in one of his favorite peek-a-boo books he always says "hot" when we get to the chicken because to him, chicken is always hot on his plate at dinnertime! And then at nap or bedtime, he will start saying "No Hush!" when he gets the feeling we are going to start putting him down. Hush! is one of his favorite bedtime books...

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