Monday, March 29, 2010

In the interest of conserving money, Patrick and I decided (ok, I did) that we should become Minneapolis' #1 best homemade HEALTHY pizza making family.... so on Saturday we gave it our first try. And although the crust was healthy -- whole wheat with cornmeal -- the toppings were not!! BACON CHEESEBURGER pizza! (We had some leftover burgers from a few nights earlier.) I know. I know. The irony!!
Cy helped a lot. He made his own mini pizza. He rolled the dough, smeared on the sauce and added his own toppings. He took a real interest in eating everything (including the dough!) before it went in to the oven.
The pizzas turned out terrific!!! It's the Whole Wheat crust recipe from Cooking Light in case you want to try it!
We are excited to perfect our craft. Maybe you can stop over for a slice sometime! Next week... turkey artichoke and spinach!
And this time we used Ragu... but I'm looking into making our own sauce too! Next we'll be buying a cow and making the cheese!

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