Monday, January 18, 2010

Winter fun

Cy and his friend Camille at Burger Jones. They were so cute together!
Pulling his sled this morning

snow eater

In front of Lake of the Isles

Skiing Saturday. I love the skyline in the background!

The last time we were right here, we were in swim suits! Cedar Lake beach.

Going skiing early on Saturday morning.

Cy & I at Sesame Street Live

At Old Chicago watching the Packer's last game. What an exciting yet disappointing game!

Hi Y'all!
We had a great weekend. I hope you did as well! We dined with friends, went skiing, went to the aquarium (on Thursday AND Sunday!), went to Sesame Street Live and Patrick had a dream day yesterday - he went to the Vikings playoff game!
Sesame Street Live was a total riot. We went with our friends Molly and Campbell. We had 4th row floor seats! I was amazed at Cy's reaction. He stayed on my lap the whole 1 1/2 hr show! And he loved it! I even got a little choked up watching him watch the show. Who knew!? (well, I guess everyone but me because it was at Mpls' largest arena - the Target Center -- and there were a lot of people there!)
I felt a little bad for Patrick yesterday. Definitely just "a little." He rushed into the house, all giddy after being at the Viking's playoff game, chanting "I Love Brett Favre" and all I could do was show mild enthusiasm. It was probably a bit of a let down for him after having so much fun! I even napped during the 3rd quarter. It's sometimes fun to root for opposing teams... but it means we don't celebrate together either!
Anyhoo, Cy just went to sleep after a morning of sledding at a nearby park. So I am going to pop in an exercise DVD and try to get in shape! I have resorted to DVD's because Cy hates the gym daycare. I know someday I am going to have to remedy that, but it is sooo much work! A 20 minute drive to the gym only to be paged 10 minutes later and drive 20 minutes home sorta sux! So Jillian Michaels and her new exercise DVD and skiing have become my staples... hopefully for only a month or two til it warms up enough to jog the lakes again! If you are in the market for an at home workout DVD, I recommend you try her out. You can try it for free on the On-Demand channel (where you rent movies.) I am totally sweating and panting and wishing for it to be over about halfway through it (yikes, talking about this makes me want to nap instead of work out!) Anyways, its tough!

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