Thursday, January 28, 2010

On Saturday night Patrick had a bachelor party so Uncle Tim, Cy and I went to the.... (can you guess?!?) Mall Of America Aquarium!! And we went out for a nice dinner! Super fun night. Thanks Timmy!
They have a little "pool" at the end where you can touch horseshoe crabs, star fish, shells, etc. Cy always dunks his hand in multiple times. I think it might be his fav part.

Here he is at the Children's Museum in St Paul. They had a dinosaur exhibit that he "sorta" liked. He LOVED the digging part of it (they have a toddler-sized excavation site) but the life-sized dinosaurs scared him! We went with two other moms and their babes. Our friend Molly took this pic. Thanks Molly for sending it to us!
Anyways, we are OFF to Wisco!! Talk soon!
the emmers

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